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Product News

Check here for the latest updates in WeatherTRAK product updates or software releases.

WeatherTRAK Mobile 3.6

We’re excited to share the first major WeatherTRAK Mobile app update of the 2022 season. This update introduces many workflow improvements and a new Station High Flow Alert testing feature. WeatherTRAK Mobile 3.6 is available today in both the Google Play and Apple Store.

OptiFlow XR

WeatherTRAK OptiFlow XR H20 Can Now Manage up to 200 Stations

WeatherTRAK Optiflow XR H20 can now manage up to 200 stations, providing an ideal solution for large and complex sites that struggle with water window optimization. Large station count controllers are traditionally difficult to program, especially with tight water windows. With this latest product release, the OptiFlow system will automatically optimize what stations run when […]

New Features Take WeatherTRAK Mobile to the Next Level

The latest WeatherTRAK Mobile version 3.5 provides significant new features providing seamless user experience and allowing remote programming. From controller programming, to additional station programming capabilities, this version includes numerous new options that will make managing your WeatherTRAK controller even easier.

Improved Reliability & Performance in New Version of WeatherTRAK Mobile

April 2, 2021 The new version 3.3 of WeatherTRAK Mobile works together with the recently updated WeatherTRAK controller firmware (7.11/8.7) to make significant strides towards improving overall reliability and performance. This update includes a new architecture that is the foundation for more consistent round-trip communication between the WeatherTRAK Mobile application, WeatherTRAK Servers and WeatherTRAK Controllers. […]

Newest Release Bring More Control Than Ever to Mobile App

On the heels of the exciting multi-manual features brought in version 3.1.4 – the WeatherTRAK Mobile app 3.2 update introduces a more refined look and powerful workflow enhancements. New Features: Proactive Notification Banner will popup to display important messages regarding server maintenance updates, for example. Refined user interface throughout the app. Added alert Icons and […]

Scheduling “Learned Flow” Events Remotely from WeatherTRAK Central

September 8, 2020 With this latest WeatherTRAK Central release, users have more flexibility with the new addition of Schedule Learned Flow. Previously, users had to manually initiate a Learned Flow event, which sometimes ended up being late at night or while they are juggling other tasks. Now you can schedule a Learned Flow event remotely […]

Newest Release Bring More Control Than Ever to Mobile App

OptiFlow continues to move forward as the leader in complex irrigation management. The ability to manually run up to 9 stations simultaneously per OptiFlow enabled controller enables you more flexibility during Spring turn on, wet checks, and system winterization. New Features: Supports up to 9 concurrent manual station operation: Customers can run more than one […]

WeatherTRAK Mobile 3.1.3 Update

WeatherTRAK Mobile received an update on June 10th, for both iOS and Android. We have a great team of people making continuous improvements to this valuable tool. Here is a list of the changes for this version of the App: Fixed Issue where selecting a station runtime for an individual station might result in long […]