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Manage Your Water – Indoors and Out

Who Saves with HydroPoint?


of the 10 Largest
Real Estate Companies


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Municipalities and
School Districts


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The Choice of Property Managers
& Landscape Professionals

It’s no wonder HydroPoint has garnered so much attention as the leader in smart irrigation solutions. Our loyal users have something to say:

General Manager, Forest City

Account Manager, Stay Green

Superintendent, Campbell Union School District

Proven Savings Your Organization Can Bank On


In water savings alone, a typical HydroPoint site returns its investment in 12 to 36 months.

Even faster returns when you include savings due to:

  • Reduced damages from unattended leaks
  • More efficient use of labor
  • Compliance and fines avoidance
  • Lower liabilities and brand damage risk

When you think beyond water savings, ROI may happen even faster. Learn more >

HydroPoint: The recognized leader in
Smart Water Management

“HydroPoint’s smart water management solution was among the smartest and easiest management decisions I ever made.”

— Chuck Champion, Portfolio Manager, Cushman & Wakefield

Why save water now?

We are in a new water era…

Price of water is rising

where it’s no longer economically, legally or socially sustainable to waste water on your sites.

HydroPoint’s platform technology
is all about smarter water use.

We make water simpler to manage through visibility and automation.

24/7 we collect and analyze weather data, detect leaks, and continuously monitor usage.

You get the insight and control you need to not only save money and lower your water bill but to improve operating and maintenance efficiency.

We do everything necessary to help you achieve maximum savings and conservation potential across one or more sites, both inside your building and out.

EPA WaterSense 2014 Partner of the Year

EPA 2014 Water Sense Partner of the Year. HydroPoint earned the distinction of being the EPA’s first chosen irrigation partner.