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About Hydropoint

Our Story

After Chris Spain, Peter Carlson and Chris Manchuck successfully built and sold Shaman Corporation, the enterprise software company they founded, they carefully considered what to do next. Believing that water would only become increasingly precious and wanting to marry their technology acumen with a socially conscious endeavor, they decided to focus on end use, the long-ignored last mile in water management. In 2002, HydroPoint Data Systems was born.

While it wasn’t always initially apparent why organizations should care about their water usage, HydroPoint has been able to demonstrate just how much money is ‘hiding’ across a property’s outdoor water use, showing a typical payback in 24-36 months just by lowering irrigation water bills. Additional savings come in the form of reducing labor and operational expenses, eliminating overwatering with the accompanying danger of structural and plant damage, lowering liabilities (think slips and falls) and lessening exposure to fines and compliance violations. In 2015 alone, visibility and control of water usage saved thousands of HydroPoint customers:

  • 16 billion gallons of water
  • Hundreds of thousands of man hours
  • 62 million kilowatt hours of energy
  • And a whopping $137,000,000

In 2016, HydroPoint expanded our product line by acquiring Baseline Systems, a Boise-based developer of irrigation solutions, and by moving beyond irrigation to offer visibility into building water use – domestic, cooling tower and fire supply water – through our WaterCompass product. Baseline is widely recognized for their superior moisture sensors and two-wire technology, nicely rounding out our product line. All together, WaterCompass, WeatherTRAK and Baseline give HydroPoint’s 30,000+ customers the insight and control needed to improve efficiency and lower costs for one site or an entire portfolio, both indoors and out.

Corporate Headquarters

HydroPoint Data Systems
1720 Corporate Circle,
Petaluma, CA 94954

Email Address

Phone Numbers

Main: 800-362-8774
Fax: 707-769-9695


HydroPoint Data Systems Inc.  
(707) 387-0185

Baseline Inc.     
(707) 387-0185

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