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Sustainability in the Retail Industry:
How Top Companies Can Save More Water

Creating Sustainable and Resilient Sites: How to Protect Properties from Drought & Climate-Driven Issues

Prevent Water Disasters: How to Improve Building Control and Efficiency with Smart Water Management

How Organizations Can Achieve ESG and Sustainability Targets with Smart Water Management Strategies

Water Blindness eBook

Being Blind to Water Use is
Costing Your Business More Than You Think

Successful Water Management Strategies

Choosing and Overseeing a
Landscape Maintenance Service Provider

Easy Water-Saving Tips for Tenants

From EHS to ESG:
How Do I Get There (And Why Should I Care?)

How to Incorporate Water and Energy Data
into Your Sustainability Goals

Featuring: Spencer Gerberding, WPT Capital
Advisors and Charlie Gerwe, Redaptive

Arizona Drought Restrictions
Featuring: Jeff Lee, Town of Gilbert, AZ and James Carr, Brightview

Utah Drought: Addressing Water Restrictions
Featuring: David Rice, Weber Basin
Water Conservation District and Brady Pitcher,
Sprinkler Supply Company

California Drought: What Water Agencies are Doing in Extreme Conditions
Featuring: Maureen Erbeznik, Maureen Erbeznik & Associates

WaterCompass Enterprise-Leak Detection
Featuring: Bryan Glosik, NRP Group

Implementing Sustainability Programs
Featuring; Zachary Brown, CBRE | Property Management

Green Roofs 101 – Everything You Need to Know
Featuring: Nathan Griswold, Inhabitect

Best Practices for Designing &
Maintaining Functional Athletic Fields 

Featuring: Damon Richardson and
Jim White, Pacific Sports Turf Irrigation

Using Smart Technology to Scale Your Business
Featuring: Steven Schinhofen, Harvest Landscape

Best Practices for Water Use Reduction in HOA Landscapes
Featuring: Matt Davenport and
Ignacio Chavez, Harvest Landscape

SoCal Water Management Best Practices
– in Spanish

Featuring: Toni Monzon, Bilingual Training Institute
and Max Moreno, Harvest Landscape