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Green Roofs 101 – Everything You Need to Know About Green Roofs

Learn From an Expert the Why and How of These Living Architectures

In addition to looking great, green roofs offer many benefits. They manage wet weather impact, reduce energy costs, and make the built environment more sustainable.

But if you implement green roofing, there’s a lot to think about: design, structure, irrigation, and optimization. You might be wondering if green roofs are right for you. Or perhaps, you’re ready to improve already-existing green structures.

We have partnered with Nate Griswold, founder and president of Inhabitect, LLC to help you get the most out of these beautiful and functional structures. Nathan has worked at the forefront of the green roof industry for almost 20 years. Join Nathan and two HydroPoint experts for a virtual deep-dive into the “why” and “how” of green roofs.

The webinar will cover:

  • Why green roofs – what are the benefits?
  • Where? The best-fitting structures for your landscape
  • Intensive vs. extensive roofs
  • The role of irrigation in green roofing
  • Ongoing maintenance – taking care of these living structures

Here is your chance to find out about green roofs, whether you’re considering them, installing them, or looking to optimize them.

Nathan Griswold, ASLA, GRP, CNSP
Founder and President of Inhabitect, Green Roof and Stormwater Specialist

Nathan has worked at the forefront of the green roof industry for 18-years. He has played critical roles in the design, development, sale, construction and successful establishment of nearly 1,000 green roofs across North America. From 2005-2013, he served as the Senior Garden Roof Technical Sales Coordinator for American Hydrotech, one of the world’s largest waterproofing and green roof manufacturers. While in this position his sales strategies helped increase the Garden Roof Departments sales ten fold.

He launched Inhabitect, LLC to serve as an independent resource for designing, building and growing living architecture that is functional, beautiful and affordable. With his international network of professional colleagues in architecture, landscape architecture, horticulture, engineering, construction and manufacturing, Nathan will bring the right people with the right expertise to your project. His highly trained crew is professional, licensed, bonded and insured. He has the experience, knowledge and the skills to get the job done on time and on budget, exceeding client expectations.

Levis Stadium Green Roof Case Study

Levis Stadium is currently one of the largest buildings registered with the U.S. Green Building Council. It’s also the first U.S. stadium that has both a green roof and solar panels.

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Green Roof Fundamentals-with Nate Griswold of Inhabitect

In Part One of a two-part episode, Nate and Andy chat about the green roof industry.  Nate runs down some vital info on green roofs and shares the benefits and some of the technology involved in the movement.

I founded Inhabitect to provide streamlined solutions for constructing green infrastructure that meet my clients’ environmental, social and financial goals and ensure that the results are functional, beautiful and affordable.

-Nathan D. Griswold, ASLA, GRP Founder and President Inhabitect, LLC