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Flow monitoring, leak detection and water use analytics

Visibility into usage trends and anomalous use

Water blindness costs more than you think

With water rates increasing fast and leaks and breaks causing costly damage – having water use visibility on your site is more important than ever.

The Risks of Unmanaged Water

  • Increased costs water & operational
  • Property damage indoor & outdoor
  • Disruption to operations
  • Brand damage
  • Liabilities

WaterCompass Use Case Scenarios

Indoor Building

Gain visibility in schools, commercial, and multi-family housing

Outdoor Irrigation

Track seasonal usage patterns, and immediate leak break alerts

Cooling Towers

Track makeup, blowdown, cycles of concentration, and evaporation loss

Water Features

Detect leaks outdoors where water issues are usually hidden

Car Wash

Detect hidden leaks, stuck valves, unintended water use