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Educational resources on the latest in water management trends, news, and best practices.

Irrigation Controllers Can Reduce Corporate Risks

How Smart Irrigation Reduces Corporate Risks & Liabilities Maintaining landscapes is not only about keeping plants healthy, but also about addressing water issues like leaks and overwatering. Unfortunately, without the right smart irrigation controller or visibility into water flow, you’re in the dark.

How Do You Know If Your Water Is Leaking?

How Do You Know If Your Water Is Leaking?

Minor leaks becomes major problems when they go undetected. US households lose trillions of dollars each year; imagine the scale of waste for commercial facilities! Here are some helpful practices for detecting and stopping leaks on your property.

Real-time water flow monitoring

Leaks Happen. Water Flow Monitoring Systems Find Them In Real Time.

Every property will experience both indoor and outdoor water leaks as plumbing naturally ages. Fixtures and fittings are particularly susceptible to leaking, and excessive water pressure can cause pipes to burst or leak over time. Identifying the existence of leaks using monthly water bills means that non-visible leaks will go undiscovered for long periods of time.

Water cooling tower

8 Best Practices for Water Cooling Tower Efficiency

Everyone knows that cooling towers consume huge volumes of water, as much as 50 percent of a building’s domestic water use. But by following a few best practices, facilities can save significant amounts of water. Here are 8 ways to maximize cooling tower efficiency and lower water consumption.

How To Save Water

How to Save Water, Money and Time

The Colorado-based non-profit River Network estimates that a frightening 13 percent of the nation’s electricity consumption is used for collecting, distributing and treating water. Across the US, organizations struggle with how to save water.