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WaterCompass® Enterprise

Water Use Analytics & Leak Detection

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Unseen water waste and leaks can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, depending on the amount of water you use. But that can be a drop in the bucket compared to the property damage it can do, the loss of use of space, and insurance premiums. Get control of your water use and quickly identify leaks and anomalous use with the WaterCompass® Enterprise service.


As water rates increase and water pipe infrastructure ages – unmanaged water can be devastating to your organization. Now there is help. Our water experts monitor your water usage in real-time, so you don’t have to.

  • Leak Alerting
  • Cooling Tower Analytics
  • Escalation Support


WaterCompass Enterprise detected a 600 gal/hr leak, which saved LAPD more than $100,000 in water costs at one of their car wash locations.


Applications & Uses

  • Indoor (commercial/residential)
  • Mixed Meter
  • Individual Building Submeter
  • Cooling Towers
  • Irrigation System
  • Fire Sprinkler System
  • Construction Site
  • Tenant Submetering
    Outdoor Water Features (fountains, pools, splash pads)
  • Car Wash
  • Drainage/Effluent

Interactive Water Use Analytics

  • View water usage by total use and cost
  • Historical trends by usage category
  • Drill down by month, day and hour
  • Compare Usage across your sites
  • Automatic weekly and monthly PDF usage reports
  • Usage heatmap to decipher patterns

Turn-Key Installation & Onboarding

  • Flow monitoring hardware as appropriate for site
  • Professional device installation, calibration and thresholding
  • Device maintenance included
  • Onboarding and training

Alert Types

  • High Hourly Usage
  • High Daily Usage
  • Continuous Usage

Cooling Tower Analytics

  • Track makeup, blowdown, cycles of concentration, evaporation loss and chemical costs
  • Stuck or leaky valve identification

How it Works

1. Installation & Calibration

2. Data Collection & Secure Cloud

3. WaterCompass Analytics Dashboard & Reporting

4. Customer Success & Monitoring

Customer Success Team Provides

  • Daily alert monitoring and escalation
  • Leak location assistance
  • Quarterly outcome summary reports
  • Analyzed usage patterns to determine trends
  • Compare usage against industry benchmarks