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From stand-alone retail stores, grocery stores to shopping centers and malls, WaterCompass can shed the light on water blindness. From leak detection to water use analytics, retail stores benefit from this service.

Water Situations & Needs in Retail

Toilets & Bathroom Fixtures

Site vs Site Comparison

Food Preparation & Food Court

Building & Tenant Sub-metering

Outdoor Irrigation

“WaterCompass discovered a single yogurt machine in our mall food court was costing us $178K per year in water costs.

– Property Manager at Large Mall in CA

Site vs Site Comparison for Retail Centers

  • WaterCompass provided ability to compare similar properties and segment by indoor and outdoor water use
  • Large water wasting properties were discovered, and resources were then focused to reduce those sites

Water Leaks Found in Shopping Mall

  • WaterCompass identified unusually high background water usage
  • Worked with teams to identify and correct leaks
  • 5.4M gallons of water were saved annually

Irrigation Leak on Store Property

  • Outdoor irrigation leak was detected immediately, and on-site teams located the source of the issue.
  • Repair was complete within 2 days and no damage had occured
  • Saved $7,233 in water costs annually

Water Conservation is a Win-Win for Wendy’s

50% reduction in irrigation water use is a win-win for company’s brand image and our planet’s future