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From stand-alone retail stores, grocery stores to shopping centers and malls, WaterCompass can shed the light on water blindness.

Water Situations & Needs in Retail

Toilets & Bathroom Fixtures

Site vs Site Comparison

Food Preparation & Food Court

Building & Tenant Sub-metering

Outdoor Irrigation

“WaterCompass discovered a single yogurt machine in our mall food court was costing us $178K per year in water costs.

– Property Manager at Large Mall in CA

Site vs Site Comparison for Retail Centers

  • WaterCompass provided ability to compare similar properties and segment by indoor and outdoor water use
  • Large water wasting properties were discovered, and resources were then focused to reduce those sites

Water Leaks Found in Shopping Mall

  • WaterCompass identified unuuusually high background water usage
  • Worked with teams to identify and correct leaks
  • 5.4M gallons of water were saved annually

Irrigation Leak on Store Property

  • Outdoor irrigation leak was detected immediately, and on-site teams located the source of the issue.
  • Repair was complete within 2 days and no damage had occured
  • Saved $7,233 in water costs annually