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Webinar: Using Smart Technology to Scale Your Business

Hear from a CEO that implemented technology making the organization more efficient.

Today, Harvest Landscape services numerous types of landscape projects, including some of the most sought-after resort destinations in California. Green technologies weren’t only good for their environments – they were good for business.

The webinar will cover: 

  • How can you identify business gains by going green?
  • What technologies will harness the power of sustainable efficiency?
  • What features should you look for when experimenting with scaling sustainability?

Learn how one CEO transformed his company through smart technology – so you can do the same.

Steven Schinhofen, CEO

Steven Schinhofen is the CEO of Harvest Landscape Enterprises Inc. When he got into the business of landscape care, he wanted to stand out. By investing time, money, and brain power, he implemented multiple high-tech solutions that truly made a difference in his business operations.

Sustainability Plan| A Cheat Sheet for Smart Businesses

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Smart Water Management
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