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Webinar: Stop the Leak — How to Find Bleeding Pipes and Reduce Water Waste

Common types of leaks, their hidden costs, and how to find them.

It’s not a question of if your sites will experience leaks — it’s a question of where they’ll be, how to find them, and to be sure they are caught ASAP.

Leaks can be large or small, obvious or hidden — but regardless of the circumstances, they can cause devastating property damage, astronomical water bills, and a significant amount of wasted water. This is where water use analytics, flow monitoring, and leak detection come to the rescue. In this webinar we’ll walk through:

  • Common types of leaks
  • Hidden costs of leaks
  • How to find leaks by using smart water management solutions
  • Real use cases of detected and resolved leaks from various industries across the country

Paul Bassett is Vice President and co-founder of Water Savers, LLC, a recognized leader in advanced design and construction of water efficiency projects all over the United States. He brings over 30 years of experience in all facets of managing water efficiency projects from investment grades audits, advanced design of solutions, scope development, measure implementation, and measurement and verification. Prior to founding Water Savers in 2009, Paul specialized in sustainable landscape irrigation systems and has worked in the landscape irrigation industry his entire career.

Ben Slick is the SVP of Business Development at HydroPoint and has 40+ years of sales and general management know-how in the software and network services industry. Ben served as VP of sales for two publicly traded software companies, he was a VP / General Manager at a publicly traded Internet Service Provider, and he was Founder / CEO of an Internet startup, which he sold. Ben currently serves as a Board President on two 501©3 non-profit organizations.

Andy Humphrey is professionally trained as a landscape & irrigation designer and became one of Baseline’s first employees in 2007. He is known for developing Baseline’s first sales, and for helping designers, contractors, and distributors use technology to improve their business. Today, he is an Irrigation Technology & Ecommerce Consultant, the founder of, and host of The Sprinkler Nerd Podcast.

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