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Webinar: Designing with Secondary Water Sources

How to use an engineered irrigation solution to manage and control multiple water sources

As the landscape industry begins to prioritize water conservation, irrigating with alternative, natural water sources is an important way to save our precious — and finite — supply of domestic water.

Alternative water sources can include captured rainwater, recycled water, greywater, and more — and irrigating with these not only saves domestic water but keeps landscapes just as healthy.

So, how can you manage and prioritize these alternative water sources seamlessly when designing or managing landscape irrigation?

Hear from experts about how they use multiple water sources and still maintain the ability to efficiently manage irrigation and produce thriving landscapes.

This webinar will cover:

  • What secondary and alternative water sources are and how they conserve water
  • What smart irrigation technology is currently available to help manage and prioritize multiple water sources
  • Real success stories of using secondary water sources for landscape irrigation

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Mike Igo, Principal of Aqueous Consultants

Mike is a Professional Engineer with 20 years of experience designing and managing water resources projects — and is licensed in 12 states. His unique background lends to his ability to design mechanical systems (piping, pumping, motors, and controls) as well as civil infrastructure (ponds, wells, tanks, small buildings, and drainage). As a LEED Accredited Professional, Mike has documented successfully-awarded credits for hundreds of certified projects for his clients. In addition, he is an Irrigation Association Certified Irrigation Designer who works on many interior and exterior landscapes. Mike’s approach to any project is to understand what his client is trying to accomplish, develop detailed water resource and distribution system options, and outline the economic and environmental costs and benefits.


Chris Wright, VP of Sales, HydroPoint

Chris is a seasoned irrigation professional who utilizes his extensive knowledge of irrigation efficiency to influence the proper design, implementation, and maintenance of irrigation technologies to promote water management and conservation. His expertise in two-wire technology and associated devices, including soil moisture sensors and flow sensors, is invaluable in today’s industry as landscape architects, municipalities and public agencies look for ways to reduce water use in the face of restrictions, regulations and mandates.


Andy Humphrey, Irrigation Technology Consultant

Andy Humphrey is professionally trained as a landscape & irrigation designer and became one of Baseline’s first employees in 2007. He is known for developing Baseline’s first sales, and for helping designers, contractors, and distributors use technology to improve their business. Today, he is an Irrigation Technology & Ecommerce Consultant, the founder of, and host of The Sprinkler Nerd Podcast.

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