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Webinar: Resiliency in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

These days, Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) is the buzzword to know. CSR teams help their organizations become better stewards of positive impact. Good CSR practices create organizational longevity; bad ones create trouble.

Sustainability is one major component of a good CSR program. So how can organizations embrace a sustainable, innovative approach to CSR? Which emerging technologies help them support better energy, waste practices, biodiversity, and water use?

Vaishali Sampat oversees LEED certification for development projects at Kilroy Realty. From benchmarking to supply chain analysis to reporting to sustainability, she has seen it all. In this upcoming webinar, she will cover:

  • What is CSR?
  • Water efficiency solutions – what to look for and why
  • Water savings – can they really be guaranteed?
  • Exterior and interior water use best practices for commercial real estate
  • Ways to implement CSR to reach your corporate goals

You’ll get plenty of wisdom out of this session, whether you’re a CSR expert or a novice just beginning your research.

Vaishali Sampat, LEED® AP O&M
Manager, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Vaishali joined the team in November 2018 as Manager of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Prior to her transition she was the Property Manager of the West LA/ Santa Monica Portfolio.

At Kilroy, Vaishali is responsible for overseeing the LEED certifications for development projects, assisting with Fitwel benchmarking and certifications, supply chain analysis, assisting with internal and external reporting and supporting the director and SVP in various sustainability and CSR initiatives. She is LEED AP: EBOM and a Fitful Ambassador.

Smart Water Management Takes Smart Buildings to the Next Level

Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensor technology are becoming more common in commercial building management. This smart building technology provides building owners and occupants with real-time data that can drive or automate decisions, reduce costs and waste less resources.

Smart Water Management
Webinar Series

This webinar series focuses on our solutions (BaselineWeatherTRAK and  WaterCompass ) and tips and tricks for managing your site’s water use remotely.  Join the conversation during one of our FREE webinars.

WaterCompass Enterprise

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Unseen water waste and leaks can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, depending on the amount of water you use. But that can be a drop in the bucket compared to the property damage it can do, the loss of use of space, and insurance premiums.

If we are going to make an impact, we have to show that sustainability strengthens our business. We’ve done that, and inspired others across our industry to do the same.

-Sara Neff, SVP, Sustainability-Kilroy