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Webinar: Drought Series

A webinar that summarizes what we’re seeing for California drought restrictions and recommendations for advanced programming tools.

May 2022

In times of drought, California faces new regulations from water agencies, stressed landscapes, and increased risk of fires. 

Across the entire state of California, droughts are extremely prevalent. At times, 96% of the state is in an extreme drought. There are upwards of almost 400 water agencies in California, and all of them have a different water supply situation. Droughts tighten restrictions for those agencies, and put them under enormous amounts of pressure. This pressure has a cascading effect on every individual and organization in that particular area. 

Join our latest installment of the “Drought in the West” series. This presentation features special guest Maureen Erbeznik, a Southern California-based water expert who works with organizations to implement and execute programs for water use efficiency. 

In this webinar we’ll discuss:

  • How you can maximize water efficiency and level up your water management 
  • The current state of affairs for California water
  • Success stories from water managers who have deftly managed drought restrictions 
  • Rebates and incentives available for California water conservation
  • What drought restrictions mean for the average water manager

Maureen Erbeznik, Owner of Maureen Erbeznik & Associates

A driving leader of water efficiency initiatives in California since 1990, Maureen Erbeznik brings direct experience with the application of water use efficiency technologies for plumbing, HVAC, landscape and irrigation, food service and reuse for both residential and commercial property sites. Early in her career, she developed and launched numerous efficiency programs while working for the City of Santa Monica, DMC Services and Honeywell. 


Ben Coffey, Training Manager | Product Specialist

After graduating from the University of Northern Colorado in 1999, Ben started working with WeatherTRAK in 2004 when he was still an Irrigation Tech in Denver, Colorado. In 2006 he began working for HydroPoint as a WeatherTRAK Product Specialist and began training other contractors and irrigation nerds how to be successful using the WeatherTRAK System. In 2012 Ben began as the HydroPoint Training Manager and is in charge of all forms of customer training, including live training events, On Demand training content for YouTube and LearnUpon, as well as weekly training webinars.


Ben Slick, SVP of Business Development

When Ben joined HydroPoint in 2005, he brought with him nearly 25 years of sales and general management know-how in the software and network services industry. His responsibilities include business development, strategic partner relations, and key customer accounts. Ben served as VP of sales for two publicly traded software companies: Delrina (acquired by Symantec) and Xiox Corporation. In addition, he held a VP and general manager position at NETCOM On-line, a publicly traded Internet services company. Ben enjoys golf and serves as a board member for several non-profit organizations. Like most audiophiles, he owns an abnormally large collection of vinyl records.

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