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eBook: From EHS to ESG: How Do I Get There (And Why Should I Care?)

A powerful confluence is occurring in the world of sustainability and environmental management. Organizations are increasingly being asked to create comprehensive ESG programs with accurate reporting that will satisfy a variety of stakeholders, from customers to boards to investors and beyond — and it’s the EHS teams that are being required to make it happen.

The new ebook from Environment + Energy Leader, From EHS to ESG: How Do I Get There (And Why Should I Care?) explores the new realities of environmental and financial sustainability, and offers steps to successfully navigating the shifting landscape.

How Smart Water Management Can Help

To truly have an impact, solutions must address financial, operational and environmental sustainability – both indoors and outdoors.  When data, technology and expertise are harnessed in water management, it benefits both the environment and the customer. In one such case, for example, Lowe’s saved $5 million in water costs across 1,000 retail facilities, plus reducing their carbon footprint.

Drawing on decades of hands-on experience, HydroPoint experts help organizations achieve their ESG goals.

This eBook includes:

  • Who is best placed to be responsible for ESG within a company;
  • Why shifting to an ESG approach is vital for organizations;
  • How to embrace the so-called “digital transformation;”
  • How to accurately manage data;
  • Steps to operationalizing your ESG program;
  • How to hone your “emotional intelligence;” 
  • And more.

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