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WeatherTRAK® Central

WeatherTRAK® Central is cloud-based software available as an annual subscription that provides real-time visibility and control from an Internet browser on any device.

Whether you’re at a desk or working the grounds, you’ll be able to program a single site or a portfolio of sites, monitor performance, be alerted to issues and track asset inventories from anywhere.

Save time and costs with centralized visibility and control available at any time, from anywhere, on any device.

  • Protect landscape and property with usage information, alarms and analysis.
  • Easily track irrigation asset inventory and oversee status of major assets.
  • Oversee and monitor site and contractor performance via dashboard and reports for automation and improved savings.
  • Reduce site visits and travel time and still know what’s happening on the ground via a mobile device interface.
  • Monitor usage, breaks, leaks and more when used in conjunction with a master valve, flow sensor and either FlowLink or FlowShare.

Asset Manager

The Asset Manager improves efficiency by letting you measure the impact of conservation efforts, changes in landscape, and pinpoint the location of various water control assets, from controllers to pumps, valves, sprinkler heads and more.

Budget Manager

The Budget Manager enables easy comparison between water bills over time. You can measure the efforts of conservation efforts, impact of changes in landscape or irrigation practices, differences in weather patterns, or more.


Real-time site control

  • Manage by accounts, sites, controllers
  • Dashboard and details with drill-down interface
  • Multi-user access via secure login with customizable access levels
  • Manual watering via web or mobile app
  • Web-based runtime schedules, adjustments or reports
  • Remote station level programming
  • Station group management with multi-controller station changes
  • Real-time controller operating status
  • Customized naming – controller, program, and station
  • Change history to track web, user or field changes with historical values
  • Automated learned station flow from the web

24/7 alerts

  • Smartphone, SMS text or email notifications
  • User-defined alert preferences
  • Extended leak detection, management and visibility
  • Rapid respond to runtime, leaks, breaks, no flow and unscheduled use alerts
  • Real-time troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Browser-viewable current actual real-time system flow rate and operating stations
  • Customizable flow thresholds and alert notifications

Portfolio manager

  • Dashboard reporting and summaries
  • Intuitive summaries for single sites, accounts or full portfolio
  • Actual and estimated usage by site, controller, and station
  • Customizable controller and site-based reporting
  • Setting change history reports – station and program specific
  • Quick search and filter tools
  • Analytics-based one-click reporting (export to Excel or PDF)

Site asset manager

  • Centralized site information – site address, landscape maintainer and location
  • Ability to import a site image that will be used in site specific reports for visual reference
  • Irrigation Asset GIS Tracking with Google Maps to track location, status and landscape data of controllers and meters
  • Automated controller inventories – hardware model, firmware version and microzone – automatically updated
  • Asset report – itemized landscape and irrigation assets

Budget manager

  • Dashboard of water consumption or fiscal dollars compared with user-defined budgets.
  • Daily measured (requires flow sensor) and estimated usage consumption for real-time budget status.
  • Quick glance interface for status of a monthly or annual budget
  • Filter/view options by account, budget type, and actual consumption data sources including unit, month or year
  • Water budget account report – a graphical budget status summary for all sites in an account as well as individual site status
  • Water budget site report – a visual summary of site’s total usage across each water meter and controller
  • Water bill tracking with batch entry tools
  • Controller estimated usage calculations from station’s flow rate and runtime

Weather data

  • Site-specific weather data accurate and resolute to 1 square km
  • Proven most accurate multi-factor hourly ASCE ET calculation models
  • Daily weather delivery to on-line controllers
  • Not dependent on a single weather station and no need to re-calibrate or manage replacement of add-on devices

Mobile access via smartphone

  • Real-time alerts and alert details for easy troubleshooting
  • Review the alert summary or dashboards by account, site, and controller levels
  • Manual irrigation on a station-by-station basis
  • One-touch to call or email HydroPoint’s support team
  • Free application downloads for Apple or Android devices

HydroPoint technical assistance

  • Bi-annual updates with latest features
  • Bilingual support six days/week
  • Training courses and other online tools

Scheduling engine

  • Powerful engine that takes into account sprinkler type, precip rate, sprinkler efficiency, soil type, plant type, root depth, microclimate, and slope on station-by-station basis
  • Automatic daily adjustments based on site-specific weather
  • Independent station programming and control – up to 72 cycles each
  • Automated cycle and soak calculations
  • % adjust / fine tune by station
  • ET On / Off by station
  • Station-specific automated skip days
  • User set water windows and water days
  • Sports turf and high desert-specific scheduling

Flow Monitoring

When used in conjunction with our Flow products:

General flow monitoring

  • Multi-user access via secure login with access levels
  • Monitoring six flow functions independently from one another: controller high flow, also known as catastrophic mainline break failure; station high flow; station no flow; station low flow; leak detection; extended leak management
  • User defined threshold flow values for each function independently
  • User defined delay time from 1-6 minutes in 1-minute increments
  • Flow threshold in 1 GPM increments up to 35 GPM and 5 GPM increments up to 995 GPM
  • Instant remote shut-off / event pause
  • Smart alert and email notificationv
  • Alerts dashboard and detail with drill-down interface

Station flow management

  • Station High Flow Threshold can be set independently by user, or globally as a % above learned flow rates
  • User override of any individual station assigned flow rates or Station High Flow Thresholds
  • Automatic fault of currently running stations when high flow, low flow is exceeded or below no flow rate threshold
  • Scheduled irrigation stops when 3 stations in a row have a no flow alert
  • Any station is excludable from station no flow monitoring

Mainline break management

  • Ability to monitor, fault and turn off all running stations and test to determine true mainline breaks
  • Support for Normally Open and Normally Closed master valves

Learned flow

  • User can configure any stations to be learned
  • Learned flow operation information stored
  • Historical values available in the controller change history tracking report

Leak detection

  • Leak detection notification indicates when station is not running scheduled or manual irrigation, and the system flow rate exceeds the leak threshold
  • Extended leak management enables lower leak detection thresholds while eliminating false alarms

Flow reporting

  • Settings Change History – station, program, and flow specific
  • Actual and estimated usage by site, controller, and station
  • Automatic daily or on demand upload of flow and runtime data to WeatherTRAK Central
  • Flow reports for single or multiple controllers across a customized date range
  • Categorize usage by scheduled, manual and other irrigation to quickly determine the impact of manual irrigation or other unauthorized usage

Flow operating status

  • Viewable real-time actual system flow rate and operating stations
  • Includes manual operating stations as if the user was in front of the controller

Download WeatherTRAK Mobile 3.0 free of charge

Requires iOS 13 or later, or Android Kitkat 6.0 or later.

“Using the WeatherTRAK Central web-based platform is easy. It only takes one minute to make a programming change to all controllers, whereas it used to take all day to complete those site visits just to make a tiny change to the irrigation controllers.”

– Energy Specialist, Monterey Peninsula Unified School District