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Professional Services

Whether you have a single site or a portfolio of hundreds, HydroPoint’s highly skilled professional services team will help to accelerate your time to value. No project is too large or too small. Partner with us and we will deliver the most reliable implementation and best outcomes for your water management goals.

Our in-house team of project managers and field specialists, coupled with our network of WeatherTRAK certified professionals, ensure your service is done right from start to end. From installation to programming and evaluations, our team of certified experts ensure your WeatherTRAK system is optimized.

  1. Turn-Key Project Management
  2. Certified WeatherTRAK Experts
  3. Optimized Irrigation Systems

Leave it to the experts!

Many irrigation installers and technicians have to be knowledgeable with ALL the latest technology platforms – how can you be sure they are experts on the WeatherTRAK system? Our team of service experts have been certified and passed strict training and protocols, so they know exactly how to ensure your system is running efficiently.

WeatherTRAK Professional Services Brings You:

Certified Experts–Our team follows a thorough and rigorous playbook concerning all aspects of WeatherTRAK controllers – from installation to programming and servicing.

  • WeatherTRAK Controller Programming–We program controllers to reduce water use and ensure plant health, while sticking to schedules or restrictions. Ensure programming optimization from day one.
  • Service Documentation–The entire project is outlined in service reports (including imagery) and reviewed by our team to confirm standards were followed.
  • Full Project Management–Our team handles all the coordination from start to finish. No time or energy investment from you –just leave it all to us.
  • Proven Success–We have installed thousands of controllers across the country, so no matter your situation, our experts have seen it before.

WeatherTRAK Service Offering

  • Expert Installation & Set Up–Various installation options including installation of controller(s), pedestals, decoders, account settings, and programming for optimal water savings.
  • Flow Installation & Recommissioning–Flow sensing is critical to your system –now you can be sure it is set up correctly. Service options for various flow devices.
  • Performance Management–Once your WeatherTRAK system is installed –have the HydroPoint team of experts oversee and manage your site. From HydroAnalytic reports to portfolio outcome reporting, we track your goals to ensure successful outcomes.

Project Management Includes

  • Scheduling
  • Scoping
  • Kickoff
  • Smooth Handoff to HydroPoint Customer Success Team
  • Site Assessments & Surveys–Get thorough, on-demand site and system inspections to evaluate controllers, full irrigation system status and landscape health. Complete reports include documenting of site conditions, photos, issues identified and suggested recommendations.
  • Wet Checks–Have our experts conduct a manual run of all stations that operate from your controller(s). From identifying and documenting any mainline and lateral breaks, broken heads or clogged nozzles –our team will deliver a detailed report on your irrigation system, so you know what to repairs need to be made to ensure your system is running optimally.
  • Custom User Training–Our training manager will complete a custom training just for your team-from virtual to on-site, we will ensure your team is comfortable with the WeatherTRAK system.