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WeatherTRAK® FlowLink®

You’ll get reliable, real-time flow monitoring and alerting. FlowLink was designed specifically to avoid costly and disruptive trenching, giving you the ability to respond to catastrophic breaks and leaks, protect your property assets and manage water resources in a cost-effective way.

Reliable and affordable flow communication

  • Easy to install, use and maintain
  • Complete flow and master valve communication over existing field valve wire
  • Pre-paired field and control devices provide for easy field deployment and set-up
  • Easy-to-see LED indicators of device status and monitoring

Robust flow monitoring to protect against catastrophic events

  • Monitor five flow functions independently with flow readings and master valve control
  • Ability to test for catastrophic mainline breaks
  • Intelligent master valve management protects assets while avoiding unnecessary disruptions
  • Enhanced diagnostics & alerting

Intelligent flow analysis for true leak detection

  • Learned flow and station-level flow management for accurate alerts
  • Flexible global settings and ability to override individual settings—fine tune your monitoring
  • Leak detection engineered to find true leaks

Full flow visibility & reporting

  • Browser-viewable real-time system flow rate and operating stations
  • Flow, runtime data and estimated usage available at anytime
  • Flow reports for single or multiple controllers across a customized date range
  • Easy to read LED indicators of device status and monitoring

Easy field deployment and set up

  • Pre-paired field and control devices for simplicity
  • Compatible with many standard flow sensors – no specialized sensors necessary


  • Reduce costs and property risks with advanced flow features.
  • Protect from catastrophic events with robust flow monitoring.
  • Detect true leaks with intelligent flow analysis.
  • Complete visibility on flow across one or more controllers.
  • Monitors usage, breaks, leaks and more when used in conjunction with WeatherTRAK Central.
  • No need for hardscape trenching.
  • Easy to install, use and maintain.


Download WeatherTRAK FlowLink Specifications (ZIP, 2MB)
Contains: (PDF) (DWG) (DFX) (JPEG)

Operational Range

  • Up to 4000 ft from Controller to Field Transceiver (FXT or EXT)
  • Up to 170 ft from FlowLink EXT to solenoid

Electrical Specifications

Controller Transceiver (CT)

  • Station: 24 VAC
  • Master Valve: 24 VAC

Field Transceiver (FXT)

  • Station: 24VAC valves up to 600 mA holding current
  • Master Valve: 24VAC valves up to 700 mA holding current
  • Flow Sensor: loop current 6.5mA , 0-200Hz

Extended Field Transceiver (EXT)

  • Station: 24VAC valves up to 600 mA holding current


  • Operates over existing standard irrigation station wire
  • Compatible with grounded valve common
  • Flow Rate Update: 10 seconds


  • Controller Transceiver: 24 VAC from WeatherTRAK controller auxiliary power port
  • Field Transceivers: Powered remotely from Controller Transceiver


  • Operating Temperature: -5oC to 60oC
  • Storage: -10oC to 70oC
  • Humidity: Controller Transceiver – 5% to 95% RH non-condensing
  • Field Transceivers: operate submerged under water
  • Controller: WeatherTRAK ET Pro2, ET Pro3 and LC Controllers
  • Flow Sensors: Data Industrial 228 series
  • Netafim Hydrometer with reed switch or photo diode register
  • CST flow sensor models

Shipping Package

  • Size: 12” x 9” x 3”
  • Weight: 3.5 lb.

Technical Specifications

Installation Instructions

Design Specifications

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