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Smart Water Management on the Go

Whether you maintain landscapes or manage facilities, the WeatherTRAK® Mobile app puts control of your smart irrigation system in the palm of your hand. From creating programs for site establishment to wet checks, to regular maintenance, WeatherTRAK Mobile app gets the job done faster and smarter.


Use your time more efficiently – manage and program all of your sites from your mobile phone. Enter station programming variables, run stations and use a quick coupler without touching the controller or master valve.

Easily respond to alerts

Alerting is easier and more organized than ever at all of your sites. Receive alerts, map your nearest alerts, get in-depth details, and clear them from your mobile phone when they’re resolved.

Get the user experience you expect from your phone

WeatherTRAK Mobile is a powerful standalone app, not just a mobile web site. Get the user experience you expect from your phone when viewing maps and setting language controls.

Water directly from the map

Need to start manual irrigation, but not currently onsite? No problem. Select an asset from the map and begin a manual watering operation according to the setting and controls of your choice.

Geo-locate and track every irrigation asset

Never lose another important paper or email chain again. Log, filter, and drag your assets on the Site Map to create a comprehensive as-built plan of your sites. Interact with and hide assets as needed, and tag assets with details from multiple information points: photos, asset names, model numbers, product notes, date and user details, and more. Relay all of this information to disparate teammates through powerful communication capabilities.

Find nearest controller

Use the location-based map view to find your nearest controller.

Tap to adjust watering time

If a zone looks a little too wet or too dry, tap percent adjust once to increase or decrease watering time.

Programming and Control

  • Set up new stations or make adjustments to existing ones
  • Irrigate one station at a time, or run a sequence of stations
  • View and clear flow alerts and electrical alerts
  • Set or change alert duration and alert type
  • Set rain pauses for up to 200 days
  • Override the master valve
  • Fine tune watering with percentage adjustments to specific stations
  • Map sites and controllers

User Experience

  • Intuitive design makes every task easier
  • Location based mapping senses where you and your controllers are
  • Secure access lets you lock and unlock controllers to prevent tampering
  • Display in English or Spanish based on mobile device settings
  • Built-in tutorials available in the app
Product Documentation

Technical Support

To use the WeatherTRAK app, an Internet connection is required. Location services on your mobile device must be enabled to use map features. Station programming and master valve overrides are available for WeatherTRAK LC, ET Pro3 and OptiFlow XR.


Download the Free App

Requires iOS 13 or later, or Android Kitkat 6.0 or later.

“The WeatherTRAK mobile app is a real game changer for us. It streamlines the entry of programming information and makes us much more efficient. It’s all the data we need to manage the site properly in the palm of our hands.”

– Chad Sutton, Water Resource Manager Gachina Landscape Management