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WeatherTRAK Mobile 3.6

We’re excited to share the first major WeatherTRAK Mobile app update of the 2022 season. This update introduces many workflow improvements and a new Station High Flow Alert testing feature. WeatherTRAK Mobile 3.6 is available today in both the Google Play and Apple Store.

New Features:

Station High Flow Alert Test

You now can test the Station High Flow Alerts on OptiFlow enabled controllers. This test becomes available when more than one station makes up the alert and is used to help you determine the cause of the alert. When the test begins, the mainline and each station are operated, and their flow is measured. The flow measurements are compared with what is expected, revealing the origin of the high flow. Read more about the Station High Flow Alert Test.

Controller’s Update Station Status Button

An Update Station Status button will become available on the Active Alert page if any Station’s status on the selected controller would prevent it from operating manually. In some cases, alerts can be cleared, but the status of a Station has not been updated quite yet – preventing it from being selected for manual irrigation. Pressing the Updates Station Status button will refresh the station list, enabling manual watering.

Note: This function does not clear alerts. If a persistent Station alert is present, the station will not be available for manual irrigation.

Selected Controller Settings Page & Stations Page Linking

While on a selected Controller’s Setting page, a new Stations Page icon can be found next to the Site Map icon at the top of the screen. Pressing this will take you directly to the Stations Page. Subsequently, while on the Stations Page, a new Controller Settings Page icon can be found next to the Site Map icon at the top of the screen. Pressing this will take you directly to the Controller’s Settings page.

Station Location & Station Valve Asset Linking

When a Station has a Station Location and Station Valve asset assigned to it, either asset popup will reveal an icon that will take you to the other asset when pressed. This link makes it easier to find the sibling asset.

Station Location Asset Stop Button

A STOP button is now available when a Station Location icon popup is used to start manual irrigation, providing complete full start and stop control right from the asset.

Station Location & Station Valve Asset Program Button

An icon that links directly to the selected Station Settings page has been added to Station Location and Station Valve assets popups.

Standard & OptiFlow Optimized Irrigation Schedule Support

For OptiFlow enabled controllers in Standard Schedule mode, programming can now occur from Mobile – matching what is available on the Program page of WeatherTRAK Central. Icons and messaging in the Controller Program tab reflect whether Standard or OptiFlow schedules are used.


Scheduled Irrigation Popup Dialog

When a manual irrigation request occurs during a scheduled irrigation Water Window, a new popup dialog message will enable you to choose between Pausing Scheduled & Start or Keep Scheduled & Start. This provides more flexibility – enabling manual irrigation to operate in conjunction with scheduled irrigation if there is adequate mainline capacity. The dialog message also allows your selection to be remembered until the next day, minimizing interruptions.

Controller Model & Type, Firmware Version, and Modem Type

The Program tab for a selected controller shows the controller model, controller type (if applicable), firmware version, and modem type at the top of the screen.

Icons for Clear Flow, Clear Electrical, Clear Both

Icons have been added to the clear buttons at the bottom of the Active Alerts page, representing Flow and Electrical.

Stations Page Multiple Tab Stacked Selection Limit Lifted

When in Stacked, there is no longer a nine-station limit when selecting stations on the Multiple tab of the Stations page.

Locations Permission Popup Dialog

When GPS is turned off, or when WeatherTRAK Mobile is not granted GPS access, a more helpful popup dialog will be presented on the pages that benefit or depend on GPS.

Controller Status on Site Map

A controller’s icon will now display the controller status during manual irrigation.


Usable Rainfall Setting

Error message correctly displays when “Water Window 1” and “Water Window 2” overlap.

Water Window Overlap

Usable rainfall setting options now reflect those found on WeatherTRAK Central and the controller.

Other various bug fixes and stability improvements.

It is our continuing goal to provide a faster, more reliable, and more user-friendly experience. Therefore, bug fixes, minor visual tweaks, and under-the-hood improvements are always a part of a WeatherTRAK Mobile release.

Download the latest version of WeatherTRAK Mobile on the App store or Google Play.