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Scheduling “Learned Flow” Events Remotely from WeatherTRAK Central

September 8, 2020

With this latest WeatherTRAK Central release, users have more flexibility with the new addition of Schedule Learned Flow. Previously, users had to manually initiate a Learned Flow event, which sometimes ended up being late at night or while they are juggling other tasks. Now you can schedule a Learned Flow event remotely from WeatherTRAK Central, so you no longer have to be available 24/7 to initiate a Learned Flow. You can schedule it and forget it – WeatherTRAK Central will handle the rest!

New Features:

  • Schedule Learned Flow – Users can now schedule a Learned Flow event at any time using WeatherTRAK Central, you no longer have to do this manually at the desired time
  • Specify Stations – User can select exactly which stations to learn flow on
  • Event Description for Learn Flow Event – Now you can name each Schedule Learned Flow event and include a description, great if replacing sprinkler heads or making upgrades

Improvements in this Release:

  • Improved Performance for OptiFlow Mainline Usage Report – The report will load much faster
  • OptiFlow Manager and Member Controllers Unlock/Lock Independently – Now you can unlock an OptiFlow Member Controller even if the Manager Controller is unlocked (which previously would have suspended all controllers in that group)
  • Improved Performance for SiteMap – Faster load times for assets


  • Active WeatherTRAK Central Subscription
  • WeatherTRAK supported flow sensing device

Check out the knowledge base article for step by step instructions on how to Schedule a Learned Flow event.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Release:

Q: Are firmware updates required?

A: Nope.

Q: Does this work for all WeatherTRAK controllers?

A: Yes! As long as the controller has an active WeatherTRAK Central subscription.

Q: Does this work any different than the regular learn flow feature?

A: No. It works exactly the same. It just allows the user to schedule the learn flow event in advance.

Q: Any changes to the mobile app?

A: Not at this time, and this new Schedule Learn Flow features is only available using the web version of WeatherTRAK Central.

Q: What happens if you schedule learn flow during scheduled irrigation?

A: The scheduled learn flow event will pause irrigation, learn flow on the specified stations, and then resume irrigation.

Q: Does it offset the lost time for scheduled irrigation?

A: If the station is configured to Auto Mode, then the system will offset any lost irrigation time due to scheduled learn flow in the next scheduled irrigation time for that station. If the station is set to User-ET or No-ET then the system will not make-up for lost irrigation time.