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Improved Reliability & Performance in New Version of WeatherTRAK Mobile

April 2, 2021

The new version 3.3 of WeatherTRAK Mobile works together with the recently updated WeatherTRAK controller firmware (7.11/8.7) to make significant strides towards improving overall reliability and performance. This update includes a new architecture that is the foundation for more consistent round-trip communication between the WeatherTRAK Mobile application, WeatherTRAK Servers and WeatherTRAK Controllers. Mobile 3.3 is available today in both the Google Play and Apple Store. Controllers with over-the-air update capability have been updated with the latest firmware automatically.

Mobile version 3.3 also includes:

  • Longer station, controller, and site names are better accommodated, more notably on smaller-sized screens.
  • Default zoom level in Site Map is increased, putting the site and the assets closer in view upon opening.
  • Asset icons in search queries are now appropriately scaled.
  • Station numbers have been added next to the station name in the Station Location asset popup.
  • “Location on Slope” setting has been added to Station Programming.
  • Changing controller mode now shows the newly selected mode name blink during the time it takes for the change to occur. Blinking stops once the new mode is set.
  • “Activating a manual run will pause all scheduled irrigation. Continue?” will now only show once per session for the selected controller once dismissed.
  • Accommodates triple-digit alert numbers.
  • Improved visual feedback in Multiple/Stacked mode during operation.
  • Various graphical tweaks throughout the application.

OptiFlow firmware version 8.7 includes:

Full OptiFlow manual control can now be completed on the controller panel, WeatherTRAK Mobile app or WeatherTRAK Central.

To learn more about how to initiate a manual operation for OptiFlow, click here.


Mobile app version number can be found on the Support page. Follow the “?” icon and the version number will be displayed at the top right of the screen.

One of the locations the controller firmware number can be found is on WeatherTRAK Central – in the Model/Version column on the Controller List page by clicking here.

To see the most up-to-date firmware versions for all WeatherTRAK controllers by clicking here.

If you controller has not been updated, you can request the latest firmware update with our Customer Service team by submitting a request by clicking here.