Controller Update

Controller Updates

WeatherTRAK Controllers get new features and firmware updates several times per year. Make sure your controllers are on the latest firmware for best performance and to ensure compatibility with all the features on WeatherTRAK Central and WeatherTRAK Mobile.

Requesting a controller firmware update

In order to update your controller(s) to the latest firmware, submit a request to customer service here.

Current Controller Firmware Versions:

  • WeatherTRAK ET Pro2 and ET Pro2 Smart Water Manager: 6.8
  • WeatherTRAK LC and LC+: 7.11
  • WeatherTRAK ET Pro3: 7.11
  • WeatherTRAK ET Pro3 with OptiFlow Key and OptiFlow enabled: 8.7
  • WeatherTRAK OptiFlow XR (Setup Mode): 7.11
  • WeatherTRAK OptiFlow XR (OptiFlow enabled): 8.7

The latest Bootloader version (shown as “BL” in the control panel) for all controllers except Pro2 is version This version of the bootloader is included with all firmware updates for 7.8.2 and 8.4.2 and later.

Learn how to determine your current version of firmware here.


Cloud Update Key

To deliver the latest firmware version to your controller over the air, you’ll need to install the Cloud Update Key in the controller. All new controllers shipping as of April 16, 2018 already included this key.

  • The Cloud Update Key works with the ET Pro3 and LC series controllers.
  • If your controller is running 7.8.2 or 8.4.2 or later, it already has the Cloud Update Key installed.
  • If you are using an OptiFlow key for the OptiFlow XR or ET Pro3, you do not need a Cloud Update Key. The OptiFlow key includes this functionality.

Note: The WeatherTRAK ET Pro2 does not support the Cloud Update Key.

Email us at to request a Cloud Update Key