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WeatherTRAK Product News – May 2024

There are several updates and new WeatherTRAK features to enhance flow management, make managing scheduled tasks faster, and provide more reporting to water managers and site managers. 

Optiflow Flow Management Enhancements

  • OptiFlow XR controllers will now be able to support up to four mainlines per controller. The update allows an individual controller to manage four points of connection and four mainlines without having to be in a group or having to upgrade an ET Pro3 controller.  
  • Controllers in an OptiFlow group can now be configured to support “cross-mainline” scenarios. A cross-mainline installation has stations that are electrically managed by one controller but are hydraulically supplied by a different controller managing a different point of connection. 
  • We are currently sending over-the-air firmware updates to all OptiFlow controllers in the field to support these new features. 
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Manage Scheduled Tasks Easier and Faster

  • WeatherTRAK Central will now support 8 scheduled tasks! The WeatherTRAK Central interface will allow you to create new tasks and schedule them for a single controller or for multiple controllers.  
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New Reports to Help Water Managers and Site Managers

There are two new reports available: Controller Manual Irrigation Runtime Report and Controller Learn Flow Report. Both reports provide valuable context for customers to better understand how water is being used at their sites and how their flow values have or have not changed over time.