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HydroPoint controllers are safe from BrickerBot Malware

BrickerBot is malware that targets some devices that are connected to the public internet. When this malware attacks a susceptible device, it is “bricked,” causing the storage capabilities to be corrupted. In many cases the device can no longer be used.

HydroPoint’s WeatherTRAK controllers are not susceptible to BrickerBot. WeatherTRAK controllers do not use the public Internet. They use a private dedicated network and proprietary protocols that are not susceptible to this type of attack.

You can operate your HydroPoint controllers with confidence knowing that they are safe from BrickerBot malware.

Winter 2017 – WeatherTRAK Central Release

WeatherTRAK Central’s navigation has been streamlined to make finding a site or controller easier and more consistent with WeatherTRAK Mobile. Pages and applications can now be grouped into a single tab.

WeatherTRAK Central applications now include:

  • Smart Irrigation
  • Asset Manager
  • Budget Monitor
  • Compliance Monitor

Quick access to the Home Dashboard, Sites, Alerts and Reports is still available.

To Find and Manage a Controller:

  1. Hover on the Sites tab, and then click on Site List. The page will show all of your sites.
  2. To get more detail either select a particular site name or select on the Controllers column.
  3. When you select from the Controllers column, you will immediately be brought to the Controllers tab under the Smart Irrigation application or tab. Select any of the controllers to manage it.

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