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Cities & Municipalities

As public-serving entities, municipalities and government agencies strive to reduce water and energy usage, lower operating costs, and minimize liability and risk for workers and citizens. With the drought impacting much of the country, water conservation and smart water practices are a top priority.

Baseline soil moisture sensors and controllers use Time Domain Transmission (TDT) technology to electronically measure volumetric soil moisture. The durable sensors are buried in the landscape to provide sensitive, repeatable, and accurate readings that automatically adjust irrigation schedules to maintain optimal soil moisture.

We help organizations:

  • Lower water usage and bills
  • Improve operational efficiency, including remote management leading to fewer site visits
  • Lower risk and liability
  • Continually track usage and budget with notification of atypical use
  • Oversee contractor and employee performance
  • Experience a compelling ROI
  • Make measurable progress toward sustainability goals
  • Protect property investment
  • Avoid future costs by guaranteeing ongoing connectivity with our Worry-free Wireless Warranty

City of Eden Prairie Case Study

The City of Eden Prairie, Minnesota installed Baseline controllers and soil moisture sensors. This case study demonstrates how much water and money they are saving.

City of Twin Falls Case Study

The City of Twin Falls Idaho manages more than 800 acres across 65 locations with their Baseline equipment

Esther Simplot Park Case Study

A look at how the City of Boise uses Baseline products to manage Esther Simplot Park in Boise, Idaho

Case Study – Cities

Ideas from a couple of cities that have had great success with Baseline products.

Case Study – Cemeteries

Ideas from two cemetery managers who use Baseline technology.

We Can Help

Baseline total site water management solutions are easy to deploy and manage. Because not everyone has resources at the ready, we offer a variety of professional service solutions, including turnkey assistance.

Proven, Award-Winning Solution

HydroPoint has the experience, proven ROI and range of solutions for the water management needs of even the largest, most discerning organizations.

Help for the ParchedProven, Award-Winning Solution

For those whose main concerns are drought-related, installing smart water management solutions provides better oversight and helps prevent excessive irrigation. Not only do landscapes look better but significant water can be saved, complying with strict, drought-related irrigation requirements and avoiding expensive fines.

Oversee PerformanceProven, Award-Winning Solution

Greater oversight enables you to successfully combat landscape overwatering. In addition, you’ll know even more about the performance of your landscape contractors or employees than if you walked the grounds on a daily basis with them.

Catch Issues Early, Sleep Better

Don’t underestimate the value of the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll be alerted immediately to a major water leak before it turns catastrophic.