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Baseline Technical Training

Now that you’ve invested in the best water management technology available, let us help you add to that investment with official courses from Baseline Technical Training. These courses are designed to advance your skills quickly and maximize the return on your investment.

Our course curriculum covers topics that will help you use Baseline technology to maintain a healthy property and manage limited water resources. Invest some time to learn how to install, operate, and manage your system so you can get the most out of it.

Baseline offers different types of training to fit different schedules and different needs:

  • Online training sessions that include classes, an exam, and a completion certificate
  • Blended training with both online learning and live training experience
  • A resource library of videos and documents on the Baseline website that you can use to review specific training topics

A mix of both online and in-person sessions help meet your Baseline training needs. The in-person sessions allow for hands-on experience with Baseline products.

Baseline’s Technical Training Portal

Visit the Baseline Technical Training Portal to create your Baseline Techincal Training account, review the current course list, take online classes and exams, and track your progress.

Note: New courses are continually being added in the Baseline Technical Training Portal, so check back often!

Be sure to check out our online only courses in the Baseline Technical Training Portal. You can take these courses any time:

  • Baseline Installer Training
  • Baseline Basics Training – Prerequisite for the In-Person Baseline Fundamentals Certification Training

Baseline’s Training Videos

Baseline Training Calendar

Important: Seats in Baseline’s in-person training classes are limited and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Baseline Training Course Descriptions

Review our course descriptions below. For more details, click the links below to see the Sample Agendas.

Baseline Installer Training

The Baseline Installer training is designed for contractors who will be installing Baseline equipment on upcoming projects. In this course, you’ll get a solid understanding of everything necessary for a successful Baseline project installation. You’ll learn about wire, grounding, controller communication, and other critical skills to get started with smart watering on a project.

At the end of the course, you will be presented with a short quiz that covers the material. With a passing score, you will receive a “Baseline Installation Training” certificate. The certificate can be presented to a Project Manager, General Contractor, and/or Designer as part of a submittals package. The certificate expires after 2 years and can be renewed. The registration fee for online Baseline Installer Training is $99.

Baseline Installer Training Sample Agenda

This course is delivered 100% online and covers the following topics:

TopicApproximate Duration
Introduction to Baseline7 minutes
Wire and Splices8 minutes
Grounding and Surge Protection8 minutes
Working with Two-Wire Devices9 minutes
Controller Communication5 minutes
BaseStation 1000 Overview6 minutes
BaseStation 3200 Overview8 minutes
Installer Knowledge Test10 minutes
Approximate Total Duration60 – 90 minutes

Baseline Fundamentals Certification

The Baseline Baseline Fundamentals Certification class builds on the Baseline Basics training class and enhances the online materials. You’ll get a deeper look at Baseline products and hands-on programming experience during this one-day, in-person class.

We’ll spend time programming the BaseStation 3200™ controllers using scenarios that you’re likely to see on your projects. We’ll delve into BaseManager™ and discover how it can be used to increase the ease and efficiency of a Baseline system. We’ll also spend time testing grounding and learning how to troubleshoot two-wire systems.

The Baseline Baseline Fundamentals Certification class is a 6-hour, in-person training session.

Upon completion of the Baseline Basics and the Baseline Baseline Fundamentals Certification class, you will receive a “Baseline Fundamentals” certificate that is valid for 2 years and can be renewed.

IMPORTANT! Please enroll in and complete the Baseline Basics Training class prior to attending the Baseline Baseline Fundamentals Certification class.

Baseline Fundamentals Certification Sample Agenda

In-Person Training Session

TimeTotal Time
Welcome and Coffee15 minutes
BaseStation 3200 Hands-on Programming1 hour 15 minutes
BaseManager30 minutes
Lunch45 minutes
Communications Review15 minutes
SubStation15 minutes
FlowStation15 minutes
Break15 minutes
Grounding Review15 minutes
Hands-on Troubleshooting30 minutes
Wrap-up and Questions15 minutes
Total Duration6 hours

Baseline Advanced Training

Baseline Advanced Training builds on the foundation of the Baseline Basic Training. You’ll leave the Advanced Training course with a deep understanding of how to use Baseline products to solve real irrigation challenges.

In this course, you’ll get hands-on experience with real-world situations. The course covers everything from strategies for effectively programming complicated irrigation schedules to using Baseline’s powerful suite of water resource management solutions. Completion of the Basic Training course is a prerequisite for Advanced Training.

Baseline Radio Survey Certification

Attendees will learn the principles of successful radio applications and get hands-on training using a Baseline Radio Survey Kit to complete and qualify a site for Ethernet radio applications.

This class requires the purchase of a Radio Survey Kit. The Radio Survey Certification training is included in the cost of the kit. The Radio Certification training has an online component and an in-person session that is typically held immediately following an in-person Advanced Training session.