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Baseline Support

We have a team of professionals who stand ready to help make your Baseline system a huge success.

Customer Support Hours

*Monday – Friday, 4:00 AM – 7:00 PM  Mountain Time
Saturday, 10:00 AM 3:00 PM Mountain Time

Phone:       208.323.1634
Toll-Free:   866.294.5847
Email Us:

Don’t forget to check out our YouTube Channel for a collection of training and how-to videos.

*excluding Holidays


This is the go-to destination for everything users might need, from installation manuals to how-to videos.

Support Forms

Cell Service Activation

The wireless service from Baseline is a high performance, low cost way to get real-time access to your BaseStation controllers.  Baseline’s cellular data modules are specifically designed to be rugged and highly reliable, have industry leading coverage, and are compatible with a variety of high gain antenna options to provide excellent performance even in fringe coverage areas.

AppManager Account Setup

Set up a new AppManager account or provide access to a new team member to an existing account.

New AppManager User Request

Request access to an existing company, site, or controller in AppManager and BaseManager.

Register a Product

Please complete the product and warranty registration within 30 days of installation of your product. 

Requesting an Overlay Image for Your BaseManager Map

If you have a preferred image of your site or an as-built drawing, we can upload that image as an overlay in BaseManager. Then, when you go to the Maps tab for a specific controller, your image will display. Note: Baseline charges a one-time fee of $100 for each map overlay.


While attempting to solve a problem, our support technicians can often benefit from seeing your computer screen or looking at the files that you have exported from the controller. This software enables you to connect to a remote support session over the Internet.

Server Admin

If you need Baseline support for your stand-alone BaseManager or BACnet Manager server, please complete the following form.

Upload Files to Controller

If you have files that need to be added to your account complete this form to upload your file(s). 

Firmware Updates

Firmware Updates for your controller platforms can be found in the Baseline Knowledgebase