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WaterTec S100

Smart Watering = Smart Savings with the WaterTec S100

In the average household, 58 percent of the daily water consumption is used on the landscaping, and up to half of that water is wasted.  All that wasted water costs money and can hurt your landscape.   So it just makes sense to water smarter with Baseline’s WaterTec S100™. The WaterTec S100 can reduce water use by up to 62 percent in a typical irrigation system.

Baseline’s patented soil moisture sensors not only save water, but they also help provide the right amount of water for your landscaping, which will make your plants much healthier.


The biSensor is capable of measuring volumetric soil moisture changes of less than 0.1 percent.  biSensors are a powerful tool for natural and engineered soils alike. 


Always get the right reading, regardless of changes in soil salinity or other factors.  biSensors give you unmatched confidence in your irrigation system. 


Soil moisture readings are within ± 3 percent of the actual volumetric soil moisture content.   biSensors allow for the best possible irrigation decisions from an irrigation controller.


The biSensor has a rugged design that will stand up to the toughest conditions.  biSensors will give you year after year of dependable service for your irrigation system. 

Turn any Irrigation Timer into a Smart Watering Device

The WaterTec S100 is an add-on unit that works with just about any existing irrigation timer.  Mount it on the wall right next to the timer in your garage and then wire it up.  The WaterTec’s soil moisture sensor works over the existing irrigation control wire you already have in the ground.   You can simply bury the sensor in the landscaping near a valve box, run the wire to the valve box and connect it to the existing valve wires.  It couldn’t be easier. 

A Thermostat for Your Landscape

Baseline’s WaterTec S100 is as effective at irrigating your landscaping as a thermostat is at keeping your home a comfortable temperature.  The WaterTec’s soil moisture sensor measures moisture levels where it matters, in the root zone of the plant.  The WaterTec S100 automatically adapts to the effects of environmental factors like rain, evaporation, temperature, and transpiration. You’ll never have to seasonally adjust your timer again. 

How It Works

Baseline Soil Moisture Sensors work by sending a high-frequency pulse of electricity down an embedded wire path.  The high frequency of the pulse causes the sphere of influence to move outside the sensor blade and into the soil around it.  When the pulse travels through moisture, it slows down.  The sensor measures the speed, and then converts this measurement to a moisture content reading. 

How to Install

How to Calibrate the Sensor