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Pressure Sensor

Pressure-based Flow Management for the Two-Wire

With the Baseline Pressure biCoder, your BaseStation 3200 irrigation controller is capable of reading a 4-20mA signal over the two-wire. The Pressure biCoder, when configured with a pressure sensor, allows the BaseStation 3200 to start, stop, or pause programming based on PSI readings from the device. You can even shut off pumps or master valves based on high pressure or low-pressure alerts.

With the ability to read pressure, you can manage your BaseStation 3200 irrigation system to ensure your valves won’t activate until you have reached the desired PSI and level of flow stabilization.

Shut down a master valve, pump, or hydrometer if pressure is lost in the mainline due to a break. Control the opening or closing-delay between irrigation zones stop a program after the desired pressure is reached.

For more details, refer to the BL-5406 4-20mA biCoder Technical Specification.