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Precip Sensor

Measure it to manage it

Baseline elevates the precipitation sensor, utilizing tipping rain bucket technology, to communicate real-time data across existing 2-wire engineered systems.

You can start, stop, or pause irrigation based on precipitation data through the Baseline 3200 controller. Create easy year-over-year reports to analyze all rainfall events. Set up real-time communication and remote management. Through automation and larger stores of data to work with, you’ll make better decisions about your soil (and your bottom line).


Paired with a soil moisture sensor, the Precip measures effective rainfall. You’ll understand how much rain made it into the soil, as well as rain rate, volume, and frequency.

With unmatched precision in the industry, our Tipping Bucket hardware is highly engineered for optimal data accuracy. While the rainfall is unpredictable, your metrics don’t need to be. You’ll have a better grasp on Baseline’s BaseStation 1000 is a smart controller designed to provide the features that are essential for intelligent watering. The BaseStation 1000 works with Baseline’s patented two-wire technology and conventional wire and retrofit solutions.  The BaseStation 1000 comes standard with flow monitoring and management options, support for Baseline’s soil moisture sensors, mobile access, and central control connectivity.

  • Rate: rain intensity within a defined period (inches per hour)
  • Volume: the amount of rain (gallons)
  • Frequency: how often a rain event occurs (compared to soil dry-down)
  • Effectiveness: total rainfall, actual evapotranspiration, and soil profile

With the Baseline Precip Sensor, you’ll access real-time site conditions as they shift and evolve. Measure the rainfall to measure the savings – in resources, money, and time. The weather changes frequently, but you can keep up using Baseline technology.



Part # BL-5407

Includes: Rain Bucket Decoder, Waterproof Splice Kit, Waterproof Gel Tubes

Part # BL-5407-KIT

Includes: Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge, Rain Bucket Decoder, Waterproof Splice Kit, Waterproof Gel Tubes

Part # BL-5407-KIT-PRO

Includes: Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge, Rain Bucket Decoder, BiSensor, Waterproof Splice Kit, Waterproof Gel Tubes

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