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Conventional Wire Devices

Powered biCoder: Conventional Wire and Retrofits Made Easy

With Baseline’s BL-5200R Series Powered biCoders™, you can bring the latest in smart irrigation technology to any conventionally wired site without replacing a single wire. Whether you are combining multiple small irrigation controllers into one controller or adding the ability to manage flow and incorporate soil moisture sensors, Powered biCoders make it easy.

The Potential of a Baseline BL-5200R Powered biCoder

The BL-5200R Series Powered biCoder is the best way to make any conventional wire site compatible with the world’s smartest irrigation controllers from Baseline. With the BL-5200R Series, you get all the functionality available from Baseline controllers. Baseline biSensor™ soil moisture sensors work over existing valve wire when connected to a Powered biCoder. Every Powered biCoder has built-in master valve ports. And, Powered biCoders are two-wire ready, so you can easily expand or upgrade an existing site to two-wire without interrupting the existing irrigation.


The BL-5200R Series Powered biCoders are available in 12, 24, 36, and 48 station count configurations. You can include up to 48 stations in an enclosure, with or without a controller. If your irrigation system is running on multiple, small irrigation controllers, you can consolidate them into one system with a Baseline Controller and BL-5200R Powered biCoders in their own enclosures.

BL-5200PCK Series Powered biCoderTM

The BL-5200PCK Series Powered biCoders provide a great way to upgrade to Baseline because these biCoders are attached to metal plates that can be mounted in existing enclosures. Simply use the included mounting template to install the BL-5200PCK in an existing enclosure and plug it into the existing 24 VAC transformer. Then connect the two-wire to the controller and the valve wires to the zone terminal stations and you’re ready to water.

Baseline Conventional Wire Products

5200R-Series Powered biCoders




5200R-Series Powered biCoder Kit for Existing Enclosures


How to Specify BL-5200R Series Powered biCoders

Add to any BaseStation controller. Example: BL-3200X-R48

  • “-R12” 12 Stations
  • “-R24” 24 Stations
  • “-R36” 36 Stations
  • “-R48” 48 Stations

Powered biCoders in separate enclosure. Example: BL-5200X-R24

  • BL-5200X Large Wall Mount + “-R12”, “-R24”, “-R36”, or “-R48”
  • BL-5200XS Large Stainless Steel “X” + “-R12”, “-R24”, “-R36”, or “-R48”
  • BL-5200P Stainless Steel Pedestal + “-R12”, “-R24”, “-R36”, or “-R48”

BL-5200PCK Series Powered biCoders. For use with existing enclosures and transformers.

  • BL-5200-PCK-R12 12 Station Powered biCoder Conversion Kit
  • BL-5200-PCK-R24 24 Station Powered biCoder Conversion Kit
  • BL-5200-PCK-R36 36 Station Powered biCoder Conversion Kit
  • BL-5200-PCK-R48 48 Station Powered biCoder Conversion Kit