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AC or Solar Powered
Wireless Remote Valve Control

The SubStation RV gives you wireless access to every valve on your landscape, even in the most remote locations. Once connected to a BaseStation 3200, the SubStation RV brings the power of the 3200 to all parts of your site and allows access to hard-to-reach valves without excessive trenching. Click here to view the SubStation RV cut sheet.

SubStation RV Benefits:

  • Access valves even in the most remote areas
  • Eliminate time and dependency on battery-operated devices
  • Bring alerts, diagnostics, and advanced programming to remote valves

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SubStation RV is part of the SubStation product family

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“This will save me so much time. Kneeling down or bending over into valve boxes to switch out batteries or adjust times is such a pain.”
Irrigation Technician

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  • Supports up to 6 conventionally-wired zones (24 VAC)
  • Supports 6 concurrent zone operations
  • Zone(s) can be configured as a Master Valve in the BaseStation 3200
  • Provides diagnostic LEDs for simple installation and troubleshooting
  • Displays status of device and the connected status of the BaseStation 3200
  • “Cloud-display” offers controller-like display accessible in BaseManager
  • Supports up to 1,500 feet of wire-path
  • High-speed LTE cellular communication
  • NEMA 6P (IP68) waterproof lockable enclosures
  • Supports firmware updates over the air

BaseStation 3200 Features

  • The BaseStation 3200 supports up to 25 SubStation RVs. Each SubStation RV connection uses one of these addresses.
  • Total zone counts, including the zones connected to all SubStation RVs must remain within the BaseStation 3200 specifications.
    • SubStation RV zones that exceed the BaseStation 3200 limits are ignored
  • All search and assign operations for SubStation RV zones are performed from the BaseStation 3200 or from BaseManager.
  • All programming operations for SubStation RV zones are performed from the BaseStation 3200 or from BaseManager.
  • All test operations for SubStation RV zones are performed from the BaseStation 3200 or from BaseManager.
  • Displays status of the SubStation RV connection and reports the number of each zone from last search
  • For SubStation RV compatibility, ensure that the BaseStation 3200 is running firmware version 18.0 or greater.
  • Does not support other Baseline 2-wire products.


AC Power Specifications

Transformer Input

• Requires 120 VAC, 50 Hz to 60 Hz and a minimum of a 5 amp breaker
• Requires a certified electrician for hard-wire installation

Power Output

• Zero 24 VAC valves actuated = 1.0 milliamp
• One 24 VAC valve actuated = 35 milliamp
• Six 24 VAC valves actuated = 210 milliamp

Solenoid Specification

• Requires a typical solenoid with approximately 400 milliamps of inrush current and approximately 200 milliamps holding current


• 10 levels of surge protection
• Up to 5 levels of surge protection built into the controller boards
• Minimum surge response time of 1 picosecond


• Freeze/heat resistant -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
• NEMA 6P (IP68) Waterproof

Solar Power Specifications

  • Solar: Overload, short-circuit, high-voltage, transient surges
  • Load: None
  • Battery: High voltage

Battery Specifications — 50E 21700

  • Amp Hours — 5000 mAH per battery
  • Nominal Voltage — 3.6 V
  • Max Charge Voltage — 4.20 V
  • Standard Charge Current — 2.45 A
  • Optimal Discharge Temp — -20 degrees Celsius – 60 degrees Celsius
  • Optimal Charging Temp — 0 degrees Celsius – 45 degrees Celsius
  • Over Current Range — 6.0 A – 12.0 A

Communications Specifications

  • The SubStation RV communicates with a BaseStation 3200™ irrigation controller over a 256-bit encrypted cellular network.
  • The SubStation RV supports AT&T and Verizon service providers

Enclosure Options

  • SubStation RV enclosures are large enough to hold the processor board, the terminal board, power supply, and a communication module. The communication module will be built into the enclosure by the factory when ordered together.
  • High impact polycarbonate low profile hinged enclosure with integrated locking latch, opaque cover and integrated mounting flange.
  • The enclosure is 8 inches tall by 6 inches wide by 3 inches deep
  • Includes enclosure mounting tabs
  • Includes three openings in the bottom of the enclosure to accommodate field and power wires
  • NEMA 6P (IP68) Waterproof


• Requires annual Baseline subscription.

Cloud Networking

  • The Substation RV connects wirelessly to the BaseStation 3200 using Baseline’s ultrafast Cloud Networking.
  • The first year of Cloud Networking service is included in the price of the SubStation RV and the service can be renewed annually.

How to Specify

  • BL-SUBSTN-RV-DP-AZ  Direct Power SubStation RV with Verizon cellular service provider
  • BL-SUBSTN-RV-DP-AT Direct Power SubStation RV with AT&T cellular service provider
  • BL-SUBSTN-RV-SP-VZ Solar Power SubStation RV with Verizon cellular service provider
  • BL-SUBSTN-RV-SP-AT Solar Power SubStation RV with AT&T cellular service provider