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FlowStation Configuration Test and AppManager Password Reset Tool

FlowStation Configuration Test

Our latest Baseline release includes the FlowStation Configuration Test — a new tool to help users in the FlowStation App, by educating them on what they are configuring and why. It will also help users better understand the features available to them and what they do. The FlowStation Configuration Test will run 17 unique tests across the configuration to help locate potential issues that could affect irrigation.

Click here for a full step-by-step article in Knowledgebase about how to use this new feature.

The FlowStation Configuration test is a great time-saver for new users who are just learning how Baseline hydraulic configurations work and for existing users who want to ensure their sites are running optimally. It helps users avoid common configuration errors such as missing flow values or stations not assigned to a mainline that could lead to non-irrigation or poor performance. The FlowStation Configuration test:

  • Simplifies FlowStation site configuration and management
  • Ensures all stations are ready for optimal performance and irrigation
  • Tests, checks, and validates for supported configuration
  • Issues warnings with prescriptive links to resolve potential issues
  • Highlights where you need to make changes to streamline the programming process

AppManager Password Reset Tool

This new release also includes the AppManager Password Reset Tool, which saves customers time by not having to contact support to manage their credentials. This new password reset interface can verify the customer’s username using an email verification process. If a user already knows their username but not their password, the interface will send an email to the email address associated with that username to allow the user to reset their password.

Click here for a full step-by-step article in Knowledgebase about how to use this new feature.