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Baseline Launches New Security Protocols

Because Baseline takes data security very seriously, we have released a powerful new encryption platform and security architecture. The system architecture for all of our solutions now includes multiple security protocols and stringent requirements to protect both your data and your resources.

First, when a BaseStation 3200™ communicates with either a SubStation™ or a FlowStation™, the secure communication path between the devices has been enhanced by implementing AES256-bit encryption along with symmetric cryptography (similar to the TLS Handshake Protocol).

Next, communication with the Baseline cloud server, which enables controllers and performance components to securely connect to AppManager™, has also been enhanced. The communication path to the server has been upgraded with AES256-bit encryption and symmetric cryptography. When users are working in AppManager, Baseline routes the traffic through the HTTPS protocol to enable a secure connection to AppManager.

Further, when users log into AppManager, Baseline applies two levels of security based on password strength and protocols. First, users are required to create passwords that include at least eight characters, one upper and one lower case letter, a number, and a symbol. Second, passwords are stored in encrypted form on the server.

Firmware Updates

To enable the new security features, users need to update the firmware versions on the following Baseline products:

IMPORTANT! Before updating the firmware on your Baseline products, carefully review our firmware compatibility information. Not all firmware versions for Baseline products are compatible.


To better understand firmware updates and the Baseline security architecture, please refer to the following documents: