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3G Modems: Info & FAQs

Thanks for being a loyal Baseline Customer! This page is intended to provide details about 3G connectivity changes for Baseline controllers with 3G modems.

3G Cellular Connectivity Information  

As was the case with 2G cellular connectivity, national cellular service providers are evolving to support new technologies and moving away from older technology. The 3G cellular network will begin losing connectivity towards the end of 2021, with a final disconnection date of February 22, 2022. To date, there are no alternative carriers that have announced any continued support for 3G. When a 3G network is taken offline, devices with a 3G modem will no longer be able to connect to the network or to the internet. Click here for 3G FAQs from AT&T, our cellular provider.

Baseline Controllers with 3G Modems

The Baseline controllers with these modems may include BaseStation 3200, BaseStation 1000, FlowStation and SubStation. Click here to visit a landing page where you can enter your BaseManager user email address or billing email address to find out what 3G modems are associated with your email address.

Still having trouble determining which of your controllers have 3G Modems? Email Us!

3G Modem Options

If your Baseline controller has a 3G modem that had its SIM activated AFTER January 1, 2018, a new LTE modem is available at no charge to you.

If your Baseline controller has a 3G modem that had its SIM activated BEFORE December 31, 2017 you will need to purchase a new LTE modem. This modem can be purchased directly from HydroPoint for $449 or from an authorized Baseline distribution partner.

The new LTE modem will also include 5 years of Worry-free Wireless Warranty from HydroPoint, which means that no matter what cellular communication technology is in the future, HydroPoint has you covered at no extra cost to you.

Here are the two modem options:

Baseline LTE modem to upgrade from 3G SKU: BL-LTEUP

Baseline LTE Gateway modem to upgrade from 3G SKU: BL-LTEUPG-GW

When ordering either of these modems, please make sure that you provide the Site Name and Mac Address (multiple SIM#s needed if purchasing the gateway modem), contact name, email address and phone number, so we can validate upgrade needs and compatibility.  

What happens if you don’t upgrade the modem in my controller?

The controller will continue to irrigate but you will not be able to remotely manage or control the system from a laptop or mobile device and no longer receive alerts and notifications of system issues. The controller will be functioning as a basic irrigation timer that is managed manually on the face plate.

The following features will NO longer work:

  • AppManager applications such as PipeView, Analytics, and AdminManager
  • BaseManager remote programming, map-based asset management, QuickView, LiveView
  • Remote manual operations using MobileAccess
  • Over-the-air firmware updates

Is the Baseline controller still supported? Will customer service still help me? Will I be able to order replacement parts?

The Baseline controllers will still be supported by customer service, but without communication, the ability to provide support will be limited.

Will I get the same network cellular modem when I upgrade to LTE?

When you upgrade to LTE you will receive the new device appropriate for your cellular network, which can be installed quickly and easily.

What if my current cell modem is used as a cellular gateway for Ethernet radios?

Baseline still supports the cellular gateway functionality. When you are ready to upgrade, we can provide a LTE cellular gateway to keep your site up and running.