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Drought Resources

Baseline Can Help You Comply with Water Restrictions and Regulations

Even when conditions are favorable, your job as a professional irrigator or landscape manager is challenging. And when you’re dealing with drought and water regulations, the job demands even more attention and skill.

Baseline can help you comply with water restrictions and regulations and enable you to:

  • Keep the landscape healthy
  • Keep your clients happy
  • Avoid fines

How do I conserve water and prevent runoff?

In order to comply with water regulations and prevent over-watering and runoff, you have to know when to STOP irrigating.

You can guess or you can measure.

Baseline soil moisture sensors measure the actual soil moisture content where it really matters… in the root zone. You can determine exactly how much to irrigate and when field capacity is achieved.

How do I deal with water day restrictions?

In typical implementations, water restrictions limit the days and the time of day when you can irrigate. The days and times can change as the water restrictions go through different stages.

Obviously, all irrigation controllers allow you to adjust program schedules in order to deal with these restrictions, but if you have many programs, these changes can be tedious. Consider replacing your controller with a Baseline controller to give you the most control when you are managing a site during water restrictions.

Baseline irrigaton controllers are easily programmed to comply with any watering day restrictions. Refer to Baseline Solutions for Dealing with Water Restrictions

How can I prevent irrigation after rain events?

If an irrigation system that you manage is running during a rain storm, your customer might be criticized for wasting water by conservation-minded citizens, and in areas where water regulations and restrictions are in effect, your customer might also receive a hefty fine.

To help your customers avoid the disapproval of their neighbors and avoid getting a ticket from the water police, make sure that the irrigation controller is configured to stop watering when it’s raining.

Baseline irrigation controllers offer multiple ways to stop or pause irrigation during rain events.

Refer to Stopping Irrigation for Rain Events

Can I use a Baseline soil moisture sensor with my non-Baseline irrigation controller?

If you can’t upgrade your irrigation controller to a 1000 or BaseStation 3200, you can still employ the power of a Baseline biSensor™ soil moisture sensor with a WaterTec S100™.

Baseline’s WaterTec S100 is an add-on unit that works with just about any existing irrigation controller. The WaterTec’s soil moisture sensor works over the existing irrigation control wire you already have in the ground. You can simply bury the sensor in the landscaping near a valve box, run the wire to the valve box and connect it to the existing valve wires.