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Keep Your WeatherTRAK Controllers Connected

during the upcoming discontinuation of the 3G cellular network

As was the case with 2G cellular network discontinuation – nationwide 3G cellular network connectivity will be begin to shut down this year – with an anticipated end date of Dec 31, 2021 – click here for full details. Some WeatherTRAK controllers may have 3G modems, which would be affected by this connectivity transition. As we learned with the 2G shutdown and with the current pandemic supply uncertainty – its best to get your modems upgraded as soon as possible.

Staying connected is easy – HydroPoint has you covered with our Worry-free Wireless Warranty. This add-on option ensures your controllers stay connected, regards of the current cellular network technology.

Enter your contact information into the form on the right to receive a list of WeatherTRAK Controllers with 3G modems that are associated with either your billing email address or your WeatherTRAK user email address. You will see which of your controllers have 3G modems and which are already covered by the Worry-free Wireless Warranty, which means you have no additional steps to tackle – we’ve got you covered!

If you have a WeatherTRAK controller with a 3G modem that is not covered by this warranty – no problem – we can get you started with a one time add on of just $299/controller – and that keeps you covered for 5 years. Click here for information on Worry-free Wireless Warranty.

Thank you for your submission.

Please check your email inbox for the results.

In case you need it – here is a list of the 7 reasons to keep your WeatherTRAK Controller connected to the cloud:

  • Use the fastest available cellular network (LTE)
  • Over the air updating of the latest firmware
  • Free use of the ever-improving WeatherTRAK Mobile app
  • Daily high resolution weather data to optimize your irrigation scheduling
  • Robust library of reports in WeatherTRAK central that can automatically be sent to your inbox
  • Alerts & notifications sent whenever there is an issue with your system
  • Access and Manage your system from anywhere at anytime

Still have questions? Contact us at either 1-800-362-8774
or via email at