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3G Modems: Worry-Free Wireless Warranty & FAQ

Thanks for being a loyal WeatherTRAK Customer! This page is intended to provide details about 3G connectivity changes for WeatherTRAK smart irrigation controllers with 3G modems.

3G Cellular Connectivity Information  

As was the case with 2G cellular connectivity, national cellular service providers are evolving to support new technologies and moving away from older technology. The 3G cellular network will begin losing connectivity towards the end of 2021, and WeatherTRAK controllers will no longer be supported after February 2022. To date, there are no alternative carriers that have announced any continued support for 3G. When a 3G network is taken offline, devices with a 3G modem will no longer be able to connect to the network or to the internet. Click here for 3G FAQs from AT&T, our cellular provider.

To continue to realize WeatherTRAK’s proven benefits, we have a great new add-on option called Worry-free Wireless Warranty – which will keep you connected as cellular connectivity evolves.

WeatherTRAK Controllers with 3G Modems

The WeatherTRAK controllers with these modems may includes the LC+ (6-36 stations), the ET Pro3, and possibly a small handful of OptiFlow XR controllers. Click here to learn how to run a report to determine which of your WeatherTRAK controllers has a 3G modem.

Still having trouble determining which of your controllers have 3G Modems? Email Us!

Importance Of Maintaining Cellular Connectivity

In order to take advantage of all of the WeatherTRAK features they need to be connected to the server. If they don’t upgrade their 3G modem they will lose all communication to controller by February 22, 2022. Once that happens they can’t use WeatherTRAK Central or their mobile device to manage their controller causing way more time and headaches to manage it.

3G Modem Options

If your WeatherTRAK controller has a 3G modem, you can purchase a Worry-Free Wireless Warranty directly from HydroPoint for $313 or from an authorized WeatherTRAK distribution partner. The warranty will cover the upcoming cellular modem upgrade and LTE upgrade kit will be sent as the signal gets turned down in their area. Customers instead can also purchase a LTE Upgrade Kit ($450.00) directly from HydroPoint or from an authorized WeatherTRAK distribution partner.

What happens if you don’t upgrade the modem in my controller?

The controller will not be able to connect to our server and will show up as “offline”

  • This means all of the convenient online programming features are not available — they will have to set up all stations, programs and run times at the controller by hand
  • WeatherTRAK’s industry-leading ET Everywhere watering engine will no longer work and your controller revert to a “standard clock”
  • Any manual watering operations will have to take place at the controller itself, not via a computer or mobile device
  • Our industry-leading reporting tools will not update
  • Text or email alerts from the controller will no longer work
  • Tools such as Budget manager or SiteMap will not update
  • The mobile app will no longer be able to communicate with the controller so no alerts, status updates, or manual operations from their phone