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WeatherTRAK April 2019 Release

The WeatherTRAK April 15 update delivers an all new 2-wire solution, key updates and improvements for Optiflow, and other features that will improve your experience using the WeatherTRAK platform.

WeatherTRAK launches new 2-wire technology

The HydroPoint H2O 2-wire platform leverages the industry’s most dynamic 2-Wire technology to provide a powerful solution for smart controllers, valve decoders, and 2-Wire accessories.

New 2-wire Controllers: The new ET Pro3 and OptiFlow XR 2-wire controllers are equipped with next generation 2-wire technology designed, tested, and manufactured by HydroPoint. The 2-wire controllers have a single display for each programming, system operations, and diagnostic testing.

Dual valve decoders: With a dual valve decoder you get an easier installation process, lower costs, and better wire path integrity. Not only are there fewer wires to keep track of with a dual valve decoder, there are fewer wires to troubleshoot, and fewer wires to repair; with H2O technology, you also get more features that really matter like longer wire distances, more concurrent valve operations, and better diagnostic features.

Easy to Manage: Decoders with built-in LEDs allow for quick, at-a-glance diagnostic information while walking the 2-wire path. Know exactly what’s happening and where anywhere on your site for faster troubleshooting saving you time and money. The 2-wire controllers communicate with decoder devices in the field and the decoders respond back to the controller with a diagnostic or status condition used during the irrigation cycle. This true two-way communication to every device on the wire-field saves you time and money.

Learn more about WeatherTRAK 2-wire

OptiFlow Manual Irrigation Upgrade

In the past, OptiFlow would allow just one manual zone operation per Flow Group. With the April release that has all changed. OptiFlow now has the ability to manually irrigate zones on multiple controllers on a mainline simultaneously.

This functionality will be available to all OptiFlow users following the server update. No firmware update required.

Alerts link directly to WeatherTRAK Knowledgebase

We’ve made additional improvements to how you can access key content for troubleshooting and understanding alerts. Included with each alert notification, we will provide a link directly to the Knowledgebase article and video that addresses that specific alert. The alert videos are currently available in English with more videos currently being translated for Spanish speaking audiences.

Click here to watch all the alert videos

Other Fixes and Enhancements:

  • Modified the WeatherTRAK server protocol for how controllers automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time changes to ensure the controllers update correctly.
  • Created a new format to display the status of a WeatherTRAK Rain Pause. The update now shows whether the Rain Pause is enabled or disabled for easy reference in addition to showing the number of days the Rain Pause would be in effect.