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Smart Irrigation Just Got Simple
When you’re looking for easy to use, powerful, cloud-based irrigation, the WeatherTRAK® LC+ controller gives you everything you need to easily manage a single, light commercial property or hundreds of sites.

The WeatherTRAK LC+ brings sophisticated automation technology to light commercial properties and eliminates water waste based on site-specific data from the ET Everywhereweather service, all while protecting plant health and delivering an attractive landscape.


The WeatherTRAK LC+ enables you to manage more sites, use less water, and keep landscapes looking great. Its LTE cellular technology and cloud-based management ensure you always have the latest ET weather data and system updates.

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It is easy to select in preconfigured options for 6 to 36 stations (expandable in 6-station increments), and can optionally monitor flow to detect head or pipe breaks.

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It is easy to install, and ready to provide the efficiency and savings of weather-based irrigation right out of the box. You’ll be up and running in minutes, not hours.

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It is easy to use, program, and control with either the sensitive and intuitive controller interface, WeatherTRAK Central online, or with your
mobile phone.


  • Support for 6 to 36 stations plus flow sensor, master valve, and pump start, using conventional wiring
  • Expands in Six station increments (6 -18 or 24-36)
  • Three-year warranty
  • Worry-free Wireless Warranty covers cellular technology upgrades
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  • Expand with 6-station expansion keys and an optional key for station-based flow
  • Automated daily runtime adjustments using site-specific ET Everywhere™ weather data
  • Cloud-based scheduling engine optimizes by microclimate, plant, soil, sprinkler type, and slope
  • Independent station programming (72 cycles/station), automated cycle-and-soak
  • User-defined water days and water windows
  • Program settings at controller, using mobile app, or remotely with
  • Up to four simultaneous programs for 24-36 stations
  • Up to 7 simultaneously energized outputs: 4 programs, 1 manually operated valve, 1 master valve, and 1 pump start
  • Integrated LTE cellular radio and antenna; over-the-air updates
  • Supports wired or wireless rain sensor; RainShare™ enables multiple controllers to share a single rain sensor
  • Daylight-bright backlit LCD display
  • Built-in fault protection and diagnostics
  • Lightning protection up to 6 kV

Flow Monitoring and Master Valve Control

    • Mainline/catastrophic break detection and shutdown
    • Real-time, station-specific flow monitoring and control
    • Learned flow determined at station level
    • Fault detection, diagnostics, and alerts
    • Normally open or normally closed master valve

Note: Flow monitoring requires an optional key


6 to 18 Station

High-impact plastic, NEMA 3R rated, key-lock entry, wall mount enclosure. Includes metal mounting plate with built-in bubble level


24 to 36 Station

High-impact plastic, NEMA 3R rated, key-lock entry, wall mount enclosure. Includes metal mounting plate with built-in bubble level


Cold-Rolled Steel Pedestal
Sub-assembly for Pedestal Conversion

16-gauge, powder coated, cold-rolled steel pedestal enclosure and LC+ pedestal adapter w/ key-lock entry.

Controller sold separately.


Electrical & Enclosure Specifications

Input Power: 120 VAC +/- 10%, (60 Hz)
Output Power:

24 VAC RMS and 1.6 amps maximum total; station and master valve outputs each
1.0 amps maximum

Consumptive Power: Idle State: 2.5 Watts Power
Full load: 48 Watts
Transformer Output: 56 VA (24 VAC x 2.33 amps) with a 2.0 amp slo-blo fuse
Certifications: EPA WaterSense Approved, FCC Certified, UL Listed, 100% SWAT-tested
Enclosure Options:
Plastic wall-mount enclosure with key-lock entry
12” w x 8” h x 5-3/4” d, 5 lbs.
UL Listed NEMA-3R weather-resistant enclosure
Integrated bubble-level mounting plate with keyhole mounting for easy installation
Industrial-grade screwless wire terminals

Design Specifications

Each product zip file contains specification drawings in the following formats:

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