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WeatherTRAK All-inclusive Controller Package

Worry-free Smart Irrigation for 10 Years

The WeatherTRAK all-inclusive controller package bundles everything you need into a single product purchase and single SKU. Choose the controller configuration that fits your needs, and then you are set for a full 10 years with central service, product warranty, and cellular connectivity guaranteed with our Worry-free Wireless Warranty.

All-inclusive controller packages eliminate all the headaches of having to add on additional product warranties, cellular modem swaps as technology evolves, and no need to renew central subscription annually. Plus, you lock in current pricing of both hardware and subscription services at a discounted price.

No annual subscription
to renew

Hardware & software product performance warranty

Guaranteed cellular connectivity as wireless technology evolves

Ideal for Public Agencies & Education

Perfect for organizations with budget constraints or subscription restrictions. Or take advantage of a budget surplus and have guaranteed WeatherTRAK smart irrigation management for the next 10 years. All included. Nothing to renew.

Sample all-inclusive product SKU:

(ensure “AX” is part of the SKU)

All-inclusive packages available for WeatherTRAK LC+, ET Pro3, OptiFlow XR, and H20-2-Wire models.

Click here for a full list of models available.

Reference the following product offerings and tech sheets for full specifications on each hardware model and bundled WeatherTRAK Central Service: