Next Generation

Smart Irrigation

WeatherTRAK: the next generation in smart irrigation.

WeatherTRAK®, our award-winning line of smart irrigation controllers, flow products and cloud-based central management, eliminates water waste and delivers operational savings.

Proven in 25+ independent studies, including perfect scores on the EPA’s Water Sense certification, WeatherTRAK achieves 95% of maximum conservation potential compared to 60 – 70% for competitive solutions.

Cloud-based Central Management & Mobile

Control one or thousands of WeatherTRAK controllers from anywhere with cloud-based WeatherTRAK Central and WeatherTRAK Mobile. WeatherTRAK Central includes the most powerful suite of smart irrigation applications in the industry including: Smart Irrigation Manager, Asset Manager, Drought Compliance Manager, Water Budget Manager and Flow Manager.

WeatherTRAK Central

Get maximum visibility and control from a
web-based interface – anytime, anywhere.

WeatherTRAK Mobile

Turn your mobile device into a WeatherTRAK
remote control.


Allows multiple controllers to communicate via the cloud to optimize flow across a site.

Smart Irrigation Controllers

Smart for us doesn’t just mean that we are able to reliably deliver 95% conservation potential 365 days a year. A truly smart controller is also field smart.

Out-of-the box ready and easy to install
Simple to mount in a wide variety of existing enclosures
One-step cloud access

Most importantly, everything you need comes with the controller. You don’t need to add communications links, weather stations, phone lines, servers, radio transceivers, or other add-on components that introduce additional points of potential failure and installation hassle. Our Worry-free Wireless Warranty also ensures your controller stays connected as cellular standards change, free of charge.

WeatherTRAK ET Pro3 & ET Pro3 2-Wire

The most thoroughly tested and proven commercial-grade smart controller on the market today. Supports for 12 to 96 stations, available in conventional or 2-Wire.

WeatherTRAK OptiFlow XR & OptiFlow XR 2-Wire

Advanced flow management controller optimizes flow and water windows across complex sites. Supports for 12 to 96 stations, available in conventional or 2-Wire.

WeatherTRAK LC+

A light commercial controller designed for simpler small and mid-sized sites. Support for 6 to 36 stations.

Flow Products

The old saying, “you can’t manage what you can’t see” sums up why the majority of our customers ultimately decide to install flow on their sites. Real-time flow visibility allows you to accurately track water usage, identify leaks and breaks and even shutdown the water flow before substantial damage and water waste occurs. Our flow management products are specifically designed to make retrofit installations as simple and cost effective as possible.


Our highest definition flow sensor and submeter provides unparalleled accuracy and visibility for sites with mainlines 2” and bigger.



A flexible and affordable flow sensor, master valve and water meter integrated into a single device that is easily installed, even in tight locations.



Reliable, real-time flow monitoring and alerting for retrofit sites without the need for costly and disruptive trenching.



Offers the ability to share a flow sensor and master valve between multiple WeatherTRAK controllers in a single, easy-to-install device.



WeatherTRAK has been proven to achieve 95% water conservation potential.

Do it right. Save more.

The WeatherTRAK solution has outperformed all other irrigation controllers in more than 25 public and private studies, and can:

  • Reduce water use between 16% and 59%
  • Reduce landscape run-off by 71%
  • Improve plant and landscape health
  • Achieve 97% customer satisfaction rates

Why install a smart irrigation solution that reduces water use by just 10% with no additional operational, labor and time savings? Do it right the first time and save more than just water.

Why are most weather-based ‘smart’ irrigation controllers destined to deliver only a fraction of your site’s savings potential?

The answer is simple: poor weather data.

Weather data comparison diagram

Proven science: Evapotranspiration, or ET weather data, (the gold standard for determining how much water a landscape requires) uses four weather parameters: temperature, wind, solar radiation and humidity. It’s the most accurate way to calculate landscape water needs.

Many ’smart controllers’ only use temperature. Temperature-only ET can overwater the landscape by as much as 43%!

Independent studies have shown that our ET data is within 2% of an actual onsite four-parameter ET weather station over a year period.

WeatherTRAK: Weather-based irrigation powered by the industry’s most accurate weather data.