Architects & Designers

Architects & Designers

You spend a lot of time researching, designing and ensuring your clients’ needs are met. Your reputation depends on it. You need to know you’re doing business with a company with a stellar track record, one that you can depend on.


HydroPoint has been in business since 2002. There are numerous reasons for our impressive customer list as well as awards and accolades. We help organizations:

  • Lower water usage and bills
  • Improve operational efficiency, including remote management leading to fewer necessary site visits
  • Experience a compelling ROI
  • Continually track usage and budget, including notification of atypical use
  • Oversee contractor performance
  • Lower risk and liability
  • Protect property investment
  • Make measurable progress toward sustainability goals
  • Provide pre-sales support to assist with your design and bidding process
  • Avoid future costs by guaranteeing ongoing connectivity with our Worry-free Wireless Warranty

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Landscape Architects

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Proven, Award-Winning Solution

Most organizations have a range of landscape needs. Perhaps they’re experiencing water restrictions and rising water costs, not to mention striving to achieve sustainability goals. HydroPoint has the experience, proven ROI and range of solutions for the water management needs of even the largest, most discerning organizations.

Help for the Parched

For those whose main concerns are drought-related, installing smart water management solutions provides better oversight and helps prevent excessive irrigation. Not only do landscapes look better but significant water can be saved, complying with strict, drought-related irrigation requirements and avoiding expensive fines.

Oversee Performance

Greater oversight enables you to successfully combat landscape overwatering. In addition, you’ll know even more about the performance of your landscape contractors or employees than if you walked the grounds on a daily basis with them.

Catch Issues Early, Sleep Better

Don’t underestimate the value of the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll be alerted immediately to a major water leak before it turns catastrophic.

We Can Help

HydroPoint total site water management solutions are easy to deploy and manage. Because not everyone has resources at the ready, we offer a variety of professional service solutions, including turnkey assistance.