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Weather Data

Smart Water Management Requires Smarter Weather Data

You don’t open your umbrella if it starts raining in the next town. Why should your water management rely on similarly inaccurate measures?

Shh, it’s our Secret Sauce

Collecting and analyzing site-specific weather data is the difference between water management and really smart water management. We start by gathering data from thousands of weather stations on government-managed and private weather observation networks such as NOAA, as well as from other data sources including Doppler Radar, atmospheric readings and satellite imagery. Our team of climate scientists then uses computer-generated models to determine true water resource requirements at a resolution accuracy of one square kilometer. Other solutions use zip codes, which is simply not an acceptable method of defining microclimates.

Because we operate redundant climate centers and run redundant calculations, customers are not dependent on a single weather station or a single point of failure. WeatherTRAK irrigation systems do not rely on external or add-on devices that could fail such as weather receivers, soil moisture probes or temperature sensors. The added advantage is that there’s no need to re-calibrate or manage replacement of add-on devices, keeping your total cost of ownership low.

Custom to Your Specific Site

You don’t want to change your watering schedule because of what’s happening in a different location. Better water management relies on the most reliable information possible for your specific site. Your individualized irrigation schedule is based on the Penman Monteith method of calculating evaporation and transpiration, as recommended by the Irrigation Association. Other calculation methods, such as Hargreaves (single sensor-based), can be up to 60% different.

You simply won’t get more accurate weather data to drive your watering than HydroPoint without setting up an onsite weather station. Our climate data drives our products’ scheduling engine, and how we surpass competitors for efficiency and savings as shown in numerous independent research studies.