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WeatherTRAK Spring Update 2018

New! RainShare

Share one rain sensor with multiple controllers.

Rain sensors can be challenging to install and maintain. You have to find a good place to mount the sensor, and you have to secure the receiver to the controller. Installing one for every controller adds time, labor, and expense to a project, not to mention ongoing maintenance.

With RainShare you can now share a single rain sensor with multiple controllers on a site. Simply install one rain sensor on your site, then assign it as your RainShare controller in WeatherTRAK Central. All the other controllers on that same site will automatically pause when your RainShare controller is paused!

All new controllers shipping as of April 12th will include the RainShare feature. To update your existing controller, you’ll need to get the latest firmware (7.8.2 for LC and ET Pro3, or 8.4.2 for OptiFlow XR or ET Pro3 with OptiFlow Key). OptiFlow XR users will be updated by our tech support team over the next several weeks. Contact us to get the upgrade sooner. For WeatherTRAK LC and ET Pro3 users, we have a new way to get the latest firmware…

New! Cloud Update Key

Get automatic upgrades through the Internet for your WeatherTRAK system.

As part of the WeatherTRAK Central subscription, OptiFlow XR users have enjoyed the ability to get new features and fixes over-the-air using the Cloud Update abilities of the OptiFlow Key (located in the back of the control panel). Now, WeatherTRAK LC and ET Pro3 users can get updates remotely as well with the Cloud Update Key.

The Cloud Update Key is included with all new controllers as of April 10th. Distributors, please contact your regional salesperson for information on updating your inventory.

If you would like to get a Cloud Update Key for your existing LC or ET Pro3 controller, please contact our tech support team. The key is available for a nominal fee and only takes a couple minutes to install, order it online here.

Learn more about how the Cloud Update Key is installed.



Updated! OptiFlow

Support for sites with more complex hydraulics

OptiFlow, the WeatherTRAK solution for flow management and optimization, keeps getting better.

OptiFlow users can now assign individual stations to any pipe (mainline or flow zones), allowing a site to create a Hydraulic Tree exactly to match the site topology, while still keeping programs organized by plant type (turf, trees, shrubs, etc).

Learn more about how to use station assignment for OptiFlow. 

Fixes and enhancements:

  • OptiFlow XR Controllers and ET Pro3 with OptiFlow now listed with proper name where model name is shown.
  • Controller search field now shows that you can search by site, controller, or serial number
  • Controller search list now extends to bottom of page
  • Fixed an issue where updating the depletions to 0% when sending a Rain Pause on the Controllers list page would not update controllers running 8.x firmware (OptiFlow XR and ET Pro3 with OptiFlow Key)