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WeatherTRAK Mobile App 3.0

The new release of WeatherTRAK Mobile puts the power of cloud-based management in the hands of every field technician to make their on-site time more focused, valuable, and productive. Almost everything they need to do on a regular basis can now be done from anywhere using a mobile device

The new WeatherTRAK Mobile App enables you to remotely manage and operate your WeatherTRAK smart irrigation sites. Within one intuitive interface, you can access all your accounts, sites, controllers, and stations to easily activate manual irrigation, manage alerts, and adjust programming and controller modes. WeatherTRAK gives you the freedom and flexibility to manage your smart water management solution from anywhere.

New WeatherTRAK Mobile App Features:

  • A completely redesigned interface gives you more power to control your sites while also making it easier and more intuitive to navigate
  • Map integration that automatically shows you closest sites and controllers based on your current location
  • Access to override the Master Valve to remotely activate water flow for hose irrigation or troubleshooting, with automatic shut-off after a specified duration
  • More control to define manual irrigation times that deliver the right amount of water to each zone
  • Prominent display of the exact time irrigation is scheduled to resume after a rain pause
  • Complete control to set up new stations or adjust settings from the app
  • Built-in contextual help in both English and Spanish

Other features

  • Navigate to any sites, controllers, or stations
  • View currently running stations
  • Set controller status (on, off, winterized, shutdown)
  • Set rain pause
  • Activate manual irrigation with one touch
  • Adjust station runtime percentages
  • View and clear alerts
  • Use the app in either English or Spanish