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WeatherTRAK August 2019 Release

Improvements for OptiFlow POC Management

You will now be able to set the Alarm Thresholds for a POC in OptiFlow based on exactly the gallons-per-minute value you choose, or, based on a percentage of the mainline threshold. Further, OptiFlow will allow you to “oversubscribe” a mainline. This means that the cumulative output of each POC on a mainline can now exceed the mainline threshold allowing you to further refine how you manage each POC on a mainline.


OptiFlow 2.0 Beta Testing Begins

WeatherTRAK has launched beta testing for the newest functionalities of the OptiFlow system. This most recent development enables multiple OptiFlow XR controllers managing a POC to be grouped together on a single mainline. Previously, OptiFlow could support a single OptiFlow XR controller with a POC on a mainline, following the beta testing process, OptiFlow will be able to support 10 controllers.

Other enhancements include:

  • Total number of stations supported on a single mainline
    • OptiFlow 1.0 = 960
    • OptiFlow 2.0 = 2,880
  • Total number of POCs supported on a single mainline
    • OptiFlow 1.0 = 4
    • OptiFlow 2.0 = 40
  • Total number of controllers on a mainline
    • OptiFlow 1.0 = 10
    • OptiFlow 2.0 = 30


Easy navigation from Water Meter pages to Controller Programming

To help improve user-experience, you can now easily see what controllers are assigned to each Water Meter you manage. You can also link directly to each controller from the list view, or, directly from the individual Water Meter page.

Bug fix

WeatherTRAK Central was incorrectly reporting that certain stations on a controller were not running when they should have. The problem was found to be an issue with how the server was calculating specific master valve deviations. The stations did in fact irrigate at the correct time and for the correct length of time. This has been resolved.