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Performance Management Dashboard February 2019 Release

The February update of Performance Management Dashboard delivers updates and improvements that will improve your experience using Performance Management to help you get the most out of your WeatherTRAK platform.

Introducing Budget Scoring

One of the most critical elements of smart water management is setting the proper baseline for water usage. Each month, the Performance Management team updates the expected water budget for every site’s landscape based on satellite image area mapping and that month’s ET weather data, providing on-site teams with the most actionable target against which to track their site’s actual water usage.

By comparing that data with your recently imported water bill data, you can evaluate performance across every site and roll those results up into portfolio-level reporting.

In the Details view, you can use the new “% of Budget” KPI to track performance in relation to your goal, or use the “Budget Variance” KPI to see which sites are having the biggest impact on your portfolio.

Budget Scoring provides you with at-a-glance visibility into both site- and portfolio-level performance against your organization’s smart water management objectives.

In the example above, this company’s portfolio hit 94% of its expected budget across all their sites in August 2018, coming in 1,223,422 gallons under their expected water budget. Once all the water bills for September are received for their sites, the score will be updated to show their September results. The faster the Performance Management team gets your bills, the faster your score can be updated.

Other Updates and Enhancements

The Performance Management February release also:

  • Made the Performance Management dashboard available at
  • Removed the color fade buttons on the graphs so all months are easier to view.
  • Removed Savings Score, Savings Goal, and Actual Savings KPIs based on customer feedback, replacing them with the new Budget Score.

New Content Added to the Knowledge Base

At Hydropoint, customers like you are at the heart of everything we do, and we will continue to update and improve Performance Management to ensure you get the best possible experience, and the most potential value, from the service.