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WeatherTRAK® ET Pro2 Controller Notification

The 2G cellular standard has been around a long time. While some carriers have already terminated 2G service, HydroPoint has worked with providers to ensure our 2G devices stayed connected. However, the last 2G cellular carrier in the U.S. will shut down 2G service at the end of 2020.

The WeatherTRAK ET Pro2 and Pro2 Smart Water Manager controllers use 2G to connect to the cloud to get regular ET weather data and irrigation schedules. To continue to get the same award-winning weather-based automation and cloud-based management, you will need to upgrade to a newer controller before that time.

All controller upgrades kits include LTE cellular communication and are built so that they can be upgraded as data standards evolve to 5G and beyond.  Plus, a controller upgrade includes a new 5-year hardware Warranty and Worry-free Wireless Warranty.

If you are interested in upgrading before your local 2G network is shut down, contact your sales representative or complete the inquiry form on this page to learn what controller will best suit your needs.

Questions? Check out our FAQs below or email us at or call 1-800-362-8774.

Frequently Asked Questions about WeatherTRAK ET Pro2 controllers:

Q: What happens if I don’t upgrade? Will the controller still irrigate?

A: Yes, the controller will continue to irrigate based on the existing water windows and schedules. We recommend switching any stations to User mode as the controller will no longer receive ET optimized schedules. The ET used after communication ends will be the Max Backup ET, as configured on the setup screen on the controller.

Q: If I upgrade my controller to ET Pro3 – what network will the upgraded controller be on?

A: All upgrade ET Pro3 controllers are on the LTE cellular network. Plus, the new Worry-free Wireless warranty means customers won’t have to worry about this being an issue in the future.

Q: My WeatherTRAK Central subscription does not end until after 2020, what will I be able to do with it?

A: Once the 2G network is shut down, the controller will no longer be able to communicate with WeatherTRAK Central. You can still access your account in WeatherTRAK Central, but you will not be able to apply any changes to the controller or use the mobile app for control of irrigation. Data from the controller will not update WeatherTRAK Central.

Q: Can I keep my Pro2 controller and just upgrade the cellular communication?

A: Unfortunately, a modem upgrade is not an option with the Pro2 controllers. You would need to upgrade to an ET Pro3 or OptiFlow XR controller to take advantage of the faster cellular network – luckily with the Worry-free Wireless Warranty you can rest assured your controller will always be connected as communication standards change, as long as you have an active Warranty, Extended Warranty, or Worry-Free Wireless Warranty.

Q: What happens to all the settings and data from my Pro2 controller if I opt to upgrade?

A: All settings and data will automatically transfer to the upgraded (NEW) serial number when it is activated. Users will need to provide old serial number when activating.

Q: Is the Pro2 controller still supported? Will customer service still help me? Will I be able to order replacement parts?

A: The Pro2 controllers will still be supported by customer service, but without communication, ability to provide support will be limited. In addition, Pro2 controllers no longer have replacement parts available. If your controller is still under warranty and you experience hardware problems, please contact customer support and they will be able to assist you.

Q: Who will install the upgrade for me?

A: Customers are responsible for installing and activating the upgrade but can opt for HydroPoint Professional Services to install for them at an additional cost.